Bendy Bomb: A Mini Lush Review

Yoga Bomb Collage

Actually called a Yoga Bomb, but to yoga (that’s a verb, right?) means to be bendy, plus the coloured bubbles that erupt out of this bath bomb bend and swirl throughout your tub.  I’ll ask for your forgiveness of that rather laboured analogy – I’ve spent all day putting together a number of the Devil’s Swedish pressboard insanity-making devices (Ikea furniture) and I’m unbelievably knackered.  I actually wish I had saved this bath bomb for a soothing post-pressboarding soak as opposed to using it up last night – I’m quite in need of a hot bath to un-knot my furious forearm and back muscles, and it might as well be pretty while I’m in there.

Well, initially pretty.  Or actually, initially quite plain – this Yoga Bomb bath ballistic from Lush Cosmetics is not much to look at on first glance, just a pretty, peachy little sphere that smells like your third grade teacher (the hippy-ish one who wore Birkenstocks and always had a bit of cat fur on her nubbily knit sweaters.)  Then you drop it in your tub and it erupts into a gorgeous mess of purples, pinks and blues.  Intermingled with the warm orange of the outer shell, it looks like twilight and dawn meeting up at the same time – just gorgeous.

Bath Bomb

But not particularly long-lasting.  Perhaps owing to the fact that my Yoga Bomb came delivered with a small fissure running along its horizontal fault line, it cracked open quickly, putting on a mad, sunset-hued display before petering out in less than three minutes.  That’s not the best value for an already dubiously-valued, single use item that retails for $8.95.

More Bombs

Also, not that you needed a picture of this, but the resulting bathwater was the colour of bong water.  Bong water dusted with gently glimmering mica, yes, but bong water all the same.  And we all know the rules about bong water – don’t drink it, and cripes, don’t bathe in it either!

Yoga Bomb 2

I’m not sure this one would be a repeat for me, but you may wish to check it out – perhaps hippy teacher bong water sunset bomb is totally your bag (come to think of it, all of those things kind of go together!)  I purchased my Yoga Bomb from, and you can, too. Happy bathing!

12 thoughts on “Bendy Bomb: A Mini Lush Review

  1. I think it’s the longest bath bomb review I’ve ever read. I never thought about all the aspects to write about a bath bomb. Great job! 😊👍😎

  2. I saw something on Buzzfeed today about a black bath bomb that people are all crazy for by a goth indie business apparently out of Belfast. They also had some other colors like red green and purple, but all sold out right now. It does say worldwide shipping 😀

    • I think I may have seen one of these bombs in action the other day on Instagram – they come in very dark purple, black, green? I just like having something pretty and fun to stare at in the tub. 🙂

      • Yep very saturated colors..I just can’t get over the time a bath bomb from Target seemed to stain my jet tub pink. It came off with magic eraser, but I thought I was going to have a heart attack, b/c the jet tub was new at the time. Fast forward 10 years, it hasn’t worked in quite awhile, doesn’t want to switch on and stay on, and I haven’t gotten around to having someone in to look at it…

      • Eeek, that sounds unpleasant. That was my big worry with the bath bombs, too, but so far, even with the super bright turquoise ones, I haven’t had an issue – a little bit of colour clinging to the dirty bits on the side of the tub, but it came off with a bit of elbow grease no problem. Not that cost = quality either, but sometimes cheapy beauty things use garbage ingrediants, dyes included. It *could* be part of the problem.

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