Abstract Formation

Abstract Formation

Wait a second, can there even be such a thing?  I’m thinking here of, say, a rock formation that dips and bends and swirls in an abstract…pattern?  But can something that’s abstract even be a pattern?  Or are we talking semantics here, one person’s formation is another person’s pattern?

You know what I do know?  It’s been a long day, I’m feeling kind of zonked and this conversation is breaking my brain.  So I’ll just note that these nails were simple and fun – just randomly brushed-on streaks of polish in the twilight-dawn colours of the Lush bath bomb I reported on yesterday.  Pretty!  And that’s about as in depth as we’re going to get right now (in the nearly always wise words of Buffy Summers, I’m really operating at a “fire bad, tree pretty” level here.)


9 thoughts on “Abstract Formation

  1. Nice interpretation of the bath bomb colors! I saw in that post you’d been assembling IKEA (“Devil’s Swedish – LOL!) stuff, so it’s understandable you’re wiped out. We’ve got some various types of shelving to assemble, so I’d be with you in spirit, except he loves assembling stuff…like its a giant Lego set… 😀

    • Holy cripes, DON’T LET THAT MAN GO. Someone who doesn’t have a meltdown around Ikea furniture is someone we all need in our lives! Shelving is kind of the worst – my dad put together four bookcases last week at my parents’ place. Also, anything with moving parts (like the rolling drawers under the bed) is just hideous. UGH, IKEA, I LOVE YOU AND HATE YOU WITH EQUAL MEASURE.

      • No, we went separately, but apparently this is the moment to buy Ikea furniture! My mom and dad are doing some renovations to their place, and those basic Billy bookcases are so functional, plus you can really sex them up with some crown molding.

    • *snort* I know, right? Sometimes when I get sleepy I get kind of punchy and silly, start coming up with all sorts of weird crap. I have to remember that blogging before bed can lead to weird thoughts!

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