Blue Flame Grass Clippings

Blue Flame Collage

That’s like some horrible slam poetry/word association misfire there.  But if my last post was a purple flame, that makes today’s, featuring a polish that is its nearly identical twin, a blue flame, right?  Except the kind of red-to-gold flakies used in both polishes – purple CE52 from Layla Cosmetics and this pretty blue gem, Sun Still Sleeps from Dance Legend – look completely different against a dusky blue background, taking on less of a burning embers look and more of an iridescent grass clippings kind of vibe. But very pretty grass clippings!

Blue Flame Fingers 2

I purchased this polish – an import, if you will, from Russian company Dance Legend – a couple of years ago through a now-defunct online stocklist (defunct for a pretty good reason as far as my experience is concerned; I received some abysmal customer service from them the one and only time I ordered.)  That’s a shame, as I now have no clue where to procure Dance Legend’s fun, pretty and vast assortment of lacquered goodies.  So I’ll have to make do with my one and only bottle of Sun Still Sleeps, one of those polishes I made a mad dash to the checkout line to purchase.

Blue Flame Fingers 1

Although now that I’m comparing it to the purple Layla polish (virtually identical in formulation, despite being from an altogether different manufacturer), I prefer the effect of the flakes as against the rich purple, as opposed to Sun Still Sleeps’ deep ocean blue. Sun Still Sleeps also required about four more coats for full opacity than the Layla polish, remaining stubbornly sheer at the tips well into its sixth coat.  Having to paint on umpteen layers of polish is no deal breaker for me when it comes to lightweight jelly polishes, although I will note that this now means there will be that many more flakies to wipe off come removal time, and the type of iridescent flakes in Sun Still Sleeps are a ferocious pain in the arse to remove (said removal actually not being the issue; it’s more that colour-shifting ghost flakies cling stubbornly to your nails and the surrounding skin long, long after you’ve acetoned and re-polished, acetoned and re-polished.  Them flakes be in it for the long haul.  But so am I, because this polish, minor quibbles aside, is just lovely.)

Blue Flame Bottle

2 thoughts on “Blue Flame Grass Clippings

  1. This is so weird, I had to re-add you to Bloglovin, you were completely missing from my blog list and I was like WTF??…I probably accidently hit unfollow without realizing it, ugh.

    So I really dig this one! I love Dance Legend so much!!!

    Looks like on their site that the US stockists are color4nails and whstsupnails (no Canadian stockists listed, sorry…)

    • No, it may not be you – I had all sorts of troubles a while back with getting inundated with messages through Bloglovin, and I just kind of abandoned it. I don’t remember actively closing an account or anything like that, though, so who the heck knows?

      I love Dance Legend, too – such a great variety of polishes. I was always amazed at how many they had!

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