Sour Watermelon Slices

Watermelon Slices Fingers Shade

In high school, a favourite activity among my group of friends was to drive one of our parents’ cars (a wild assortment of vehicles that included a VW bus, a plush Crown Vic, a compact Festiva, a Jimmy and my family’s tragic LTD) to a completely out of the way 7-11 to flirt with cute skater boys in the parking lot.  Yup, not much more to it than that – just a whole lot of cute teen awkwardness fueled by the occasional pit stop actually inside the store to fuel up on sugar, like little paper bags of 5 cent sour gummy candies shaped like cherries and peaches and watermelons.  Hey, kind of like these watermelons here!

Watermelon Slices Fingers Sun

Or should I say waterMALLons?  Y’know, on account of the melon-hued glitter polish I used here, KB Shimmer’s Belle of the Mall?  I love this polish so, so much – in my top five at least.  Best of all, as you can see from the lowered polish line and the cluster of holo glitter towards the bottom of the bottle, I use Belle of the Mall all the time.  Pretty AND functional?  Well, that makes it pretty much the greatest polish ever, especially when it also helps create such great (sour?) watermelon slice nail art.

Watermelon Slices Bottle

5 thoughts on “Sour Watermelon Slices

  1. Heheh yeah the good old days, we used to just drive up and down the main drag of town that was maybe three traffic lights…you’d turn around at the car wash and park at the other end that was a grocery store with decent sized parking lot, to loiter. Or you would drive to another nearby town to drive around a block or two and park and hang. This of course was when gas was super cheap!!

    This is such a pretty polish and makes for great watermelon, who woulda thunk that!? You of course! 😀

    • Ha, I should have known you’d also be a parking lot hanger – no better place to scope out cute looking boys! I also remember one weekend my three best friends and I drove two hours to a boyfriend’s pretty small town in the middle of the night, and we drove around main street shooting people out the window of our car with water guns.

      You know, I never thought I was really an asshole in high school, but that anecdote suggests otherwise. Don’t shoot people in any capacity, kids – nobody likes an asshole or a murderer.

      • Yeah what else do you do in the country/small town, ugh!! 😀

        Well, most ppl were assholes as kids at some point or another…it kind of comes with the territory. All that matters is learning from it and growing up. And the way things have been lately in the world, seems relatively harmless!

      • Cripes, no kidding. I’m just grossed out with myself that I ever thought guns – even fake, water-filled ones – were there to be a source of entertainment.

        Hmm, that may be that Canadian thing coming through again, though, right?

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