Disney Girl Challenge: Dory (One More Time)

Dory Hand

So Finding Dory is going to make allllllll the movie money this weekend, yes?  Not bad for an animated Blue Tang with short-term memory loss.  And so in honour of the little blue fish that could, I thought I’d update an earlier Dory design of mine that I always felt was not quite up to snuff.  Besides, in that last manicure, she didn’t even have a face!  I didn’t do faces with my Disney designs back then, mostly because I’m sort of terrible at recreating animated figures.  I’m not sure *this* face is all that better, because as it turns out, drawing an animated fish face dead-on is actually pretty difficult!  But I do love Dory’s fins and the markings I painted on my other digits, mostly because cobalt, yellow and black together are just spectacular.  Quite the fetching fish, that Dory.

Dory Fingers

16 thoughts on “Disney Girl Challenge: Dory (One More Time)

  1. I agree with the other comments, so great!!

    I liked Squishy in the old post 😀

    I am so confused why it took so long for this sequel. The original was pretty cute.

    • Thank you! And I totally should have found room for little Squishy here; she (she?) belongs.

      I don’t know why it took so long either. I always thought Nemo was one of their huge properties – there’s so much branded stuff off that movie, to say nothing of the many theme park attractions that go along with it. I think it made bananas money this weekend, so it surely won’t be long before the threequel.

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