Class Clown

Clown Hand

Not that I would ever confuse what I do with art-art, but most people, when they draw or sculpt or paint, develop a pretty distinctive style.  Lichtenstein had his pop art, Monet went through his Impressionist phase, Lisa Frank was all about candy-coloured laser unicorns.

As for me?  I like to think my manicures are competently designed, but let’s make no mistake here – I’ve got one style, and that style is CUTE.  It is neither within my purview, nor really my preferred wheelhouse, to venture into the realm of say, scary.  Which is actually where this manicure started, believe it or not – my sad sack attempt at a scary clown to hopefully freak out an online friend who shares my belief that all my polka dotted manicures look like clown pants.  So I thought I’d draw a clown to go WITH the pants, except he turned out all cute and charming and not at all like Pennywise or that big, slobbery guy from Zombieland, so who’s the joker now, huh?  Bah, dastardly cute fella.

Here’s a clown collage, not to be mistaken with a clown COLLEGE.  Wah-wah. 🙂

Clown Collage

5 thoughts on “Class Clown

  1. LOL @ collage/college

    I dunno, if you stare at the face just a moment too long, he starts to look a little less benevolent!

    Huge blog points for Lisa Frank reference. 😀

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