Black Pearl

Black Pearl Fingers

Years ago, somewhere in between dressing like an overgrown skater skid crossed with a Spice Girl (the mid to late ’90s were a very confusing time fashion-wise) and then adopting the style I have now, which is actually no style at all, I was running around town in what I liked to call Business Goth – basically business casual clothes in all your favourite shades of black, ebony and onyx.  But always with a devastatingly nasty pair of shoes, because one does want a hint of colour (and a whole lot of shit-kicking height.)  Pearls helped up the sparkle factor as well, especially this tragically fake, multi-tiered necklace I bought on clearance from Claire’s and wore until the clasp broke and its hundreds of tiny plastic spheres rained down onto my hardwood floors. These nails look a lot like that necklace.

I’m still finding those beads, by the way.

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