All My Friends Are Heathens

Suicide Squad 1 Hand

Know who was already ridiculously excited to see the Suicide Squad movie even before they released the soundtrack and she discovered twenty one pilots recorded the first single?  This person.  SO EXCITED!  The second trailer set to Bohemian Rhapsody?  A work of friggin’ beauty (also the thing that has me a touch worried; Black Dynamite, a 2009 spoof of the Blaxploitation movies of the 1970s, had an absolutely brilliant trailer that disappointingly failed to materialize into even five minutes of watchable film.)  Nothing but love, too, for the Heathens of twenty one pilots – if Josh and Tyler want to spend their off hours playing and pacing the dark, damp-soaked halls of Belle Reve prison for the comically insane, I’ll be right there alongside them.

I have so many thoughts on the subject of Suicide Squad and twenty one pilots, they’ll have to wait for another day, but I’ll say this right now: Before this flick comes out in two months’ time, someone needs to figure out how to harness the power of teenage boners as an energy source, because Margot Robbie’s cute, scampy, batshit bonkers Harley Quinn (painted here on my middle finger, alongside Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang) could power the entire eastern seaboard until Christmas.  Also, we are going to be AWASH in Harleys this coming Halloween, trust.

Suicide Squad 1 Fingers

26 thoughts on “All My Friends Are Heathens

    • Oh man, me TOO. There’s something like 11 million views of the video on YouTube, and I swear I’m only responsible for 1,300 or so. 🙂 And thank you – I want to do the other characters, too, as the movie gets a bit closer to release.

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    • It fits perfectly – I like how it’s got that grungy smoove vibe. Real mellow and introspective.

      Although, really, I’m so spun for twenty one pilots, they could put out a song that was nothing but the lead singer shouting over top of a flugelhorn and I’d be fine with it – “Damn, this tune JAMS!” 🙂

      I’ll also be that ass and link to one of my own posts. Got it BAD for this band, man.

    • Thanks very much, and no, I have not – they came to my city about five days before I started listening to them and I was not there. 😦 I’ll be sure to check out your review!

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