Fruity Fingers

Fruity Fingers Sun

These nails, which rely heavily on those little Fimo pieces that never, ever want to lay flat on your nails, turned out much better than anticipated.  Although the little Fimo fruits would not, could not, lay flat on my nails, and this manicure is impractical plus-plus.  So pretty much business as usual for 3D nail art embellishments. But cute?  So cute!

In combination, the two glittery polishes I used here, Smitten Polish’s green Not Your Mama’s Easter Grass and turquoise Glacial Springs, remind me of an icy tropical drink. And because no good, blue curacao-soaked frozen cocktail is complete with at least a bit of garnish, I added some of that, too.  Drink up – there’s lots of good-for-you fruit in there!

Fruity Fingers Shade

12 thoughts on “Fruity Fingers

  1. Mm blue curacao 🙂

    Nobody hardly used Fimo in nail art. I realize it’s kind of impractical. But what the heck else are they for?

    • It is SO impractical – it sticks up everywhere. I guess there are all sorts of crafty applications for these Fimo pieces – I’ve seen people use them in jewelry-making, or as little decorative touches.

    • Thank you! Something to wash down all that delicious-looking food you’re always enjoying on IG! (By the way, I deleted my Instagram account today – just wanted to let you know I’m not being (too) rude, I’m just not there any more! Just wasn’t enjoying the experience very much any more.)

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