Class Clown

Clown Hand

Not that I would ever confuse what I do with art-art, but most people, when they draw or sculpt or paint, develop a pretty distinctive style.  Lichtenstein had his pop art, Monet went through his Impressionist phase, Lisa Frank was all about candy-coloured laser unicorns.

As for me?  I like to think my manicures are competently designed, but let’s make no mistake here – I’ve got one style, and that style is CUTE.  It is neither within my purview, nor really my preferred wheelhouse, to venture into the realm of say, scary.  Which is actually where this manicure started, believe it or not – my sad sack attempt at a scary clown to hopefully freak out an online friend who shares my belief that all my polka dotted manicures look like clown pants.  So I thought I’d draw a clown to go WITH the pants, except he turned out all cute and charming and not at all like Pennywise or that big, slobbery guy from Zombieland, so who’s the joker now, huh?  Bah, dastardly cute fella.

Here’s a clown collage, not to be mistaken with a clown COLLEGE.  Wah-wah. 🙂

Clown Collage

Frozen Over: A Mini Lush Review

Frozen Bath Bomb Collage

I initially had no idea why this bath bomb from Lush Cosmetics was called a Frozen bath bomb.  Frozen in colour, yes, and theme – and no, it’s not just my Disney-fried brain making the connection here; in the description of this bath bomb on the Lush website, there’s all sorts of references to “Let(ting) It Go” and “enjoying the most magical soak in the kingdom” – but the scent?  I was expecting mint, or something sort of mentholated. This smells like citrus floor cleaner, at times bracing and not altogether natural.

Frozen Bath Bomb Bad Side

So I didn’t enjoy the scent all that much (I actually like very, very few of Lush’s scents) and my poor guy came dented and dinged all to hell and back (which has virtually no bearing on the bath bomb’s performance, although I like it when my pretty bath goodies are actually, you know, pretty) but once it hit the tub, it exceeded my admittedly rather low expectations.

What a stunner!  Erupting into a mass of pale, creamy bubbles, this Frozen bath bomb quickly cracked open, unleashing a torrent of dark turquoise water sprinkled with champagne-hued mica dust.  Once the big show was over and done, an act that took but a few minutes (a pretty average amount of time for a bath bomb to break down) this bomb split into two neat halves, the shimmery little islands spiraling off to different ends of the tub to float among the icy blue, glitter-dusted water.

Frozen Bath Bomb Glittery Water

So the water’s an icy blue and it’s called a Frozen bath bomb – is that all I got for ya?  Well, then, right as I was about to step into the tub, I noticed that the creamy white bubbles floating along the surface of the water had formed themselves into fine swirls around and in between the little trapped clusters of shimmery mica dust. The resulting look is fine skirls of snow drifting across a frozen pond, and it’s so beautiful!  A truly gorgeous effect, those bath time Frozen fjords.

Frozen Bath Bomb Perfect Picture Again

Really one of those bath bombs where the payoff came long after the big show – glad I glanced down before destroying this lovely, unintentional bath art by sticking my foot through it!

Frozen Bath Bomb Perfect Photo

Shame about the scent, though – if the smell of this bath bomb were a bit more in line with its otherwise fantastic themeing, it’d be a solid 10 of a bath product.  $8.95 at, and, as nearly always, vegan-friendly.


Disney Girl Challenge: Dory (One More Time)

Dory Hand

So Finding Dory is going to make allllllll the movie money this weekend, yes?  Not bad for an animated Blue Tang with short-term memory loss.  And so in honour of the little blue fish that could, I thought I’d update an earlier Dory design of mine that I always felt was not quite up to snuff.  Besides, in that last manicure, she didn’t even have a face!  I didn’t do faces with my Disney designs back then, mostly because I’m sort of terrible at recreating animated figures.  I’m not sure *this* face is all that better, because as it turns out, drawing an animated fish face dead-on is actually pretty difficult!  But I do love Dory’s fins and the markings I painted on my other digits, mostly because cobalt, yellow and black together are just spectacular.  Quite the fetching fish, that Dory.

Dory Fingers

Sour Watermelon Slices

Watermelon Slices Fingers Shade

In high school, a favourite activity among my group of friends was to drive one of our parents’ cars (a wild assortment of vehicles that included a VW bus, a plush Crown Vic, a compact Festiva, a Jimmy and my family’s tragic LTD) to a completely out of the way 7-11 to flirt with cute skater boys in the parking lot.  Yup, not much more to it than that – just a whole lot of cute teen awkwardness fueled by the occasional pit stop actually inside the store to fuel up on sugar, like little paper bags of 5 cent sour gummy candies shaped like cherries and peaches and watermelons.  Hey, kind of like these watermelons here!

Watermelon Slices Fingers Sun

Or should I say waterMALLons?  Y’know, on account of the melon-hued glitter polish I used here, KB Shimmer’s Belle of the Mall?  I love this polish so, so much – in my top five at least.  Best of all, as you can see from the lowered polish line and the cluster of holo glitter towards the bottom of the bottle, I use Belle of the Mall all the time.  Pretty AND functional?  Well, that makes it pretty much the greatest polish ever, especially when it also helps create such great (sour?) watermelon slice nail art.

Watermelon Slices Bottle

Disney Girl Challenge: Sally Shine

Sally Shine Hand

Here’s a random bit of Disney amusement park trivia for you: Sally Shine is the name of the little Shirley Temple-esque girl who becomes a permanent resident of the Twilight Zone on the Tower of Terror ride.  Or she was – word on the street is the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is getting re-zoned AND de-Zone’d at some point in the near future, probably to make way for more Star Wars.  I loved The Force Awakens SO much more than I thought I was going to, and I’m all for Disney recouping their multi-billion dollar investment at the park level, but why does it have to come at the expense of such a beloved attraction?  I don’t want to be that grumpy old Disney nerd desperately clinging to the past and futzing on about the glory days of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (a dark ride Disney classic; innovative for the ’70s, but terribly dated as time wore on, and one of those ones that people fought to preserve) but I really hope this rumour turns out to be just that – a rumour.

But until Sally and her elevator mates truly do become permanent residents of the Twilight Zone, I’ll honour her, in colour and lightning-stricken black and white, on my nails, where I paint all the little things I love.  I particularly like how I split her face into colour and black and white, appropriate both for the 1930s, Old Hollywood setting of the ride, and the fate of Miss Shine herself, off somewhere in (*do do do dooooo*)…the Twilight Zone.

Sally Shine Thumb

Blue Flame Grass Clippings

Blue Flame Collage

That’s like some horrible slam poetry/word association misfire there.  But if my last post was a purple flame, that makes today’s, featuring a polish that is its nearly identical twin, a blue flame, right?  Except the kind of red-to-gold flakies used in both polishes – purple CE52 from Layla Cosmetics and this pretty blue gem, Sun Still Sleeps from Dance Legend – look completely different against a dusky blue background, taking on less of a burning embers look and more of an iridescent grass clippings kind of vibe. But very pretty grass clippings!

Blue Flame Fingers 2

I purchased this polish – an import, if you will, from Russian company Dance Legend – a couple of years ago through a now-defunct online stocklist (defunct for a pretty good reason as far as my experience is concerned; I received some abysmal customer service from them the one and only time I ordered.)  That’s a shame, as I now have no clue where to procure Dance Legend’s fun, pretty and vast assortment of lacquered goodies.  So I’ll have to make do with my one and only bottle of Sun Still Sleeps, one of those polishes I made a mad dash to the checkout line to purchase.

Blue Flame Fingers 1

Although now that I’m comparing it to the purple Layla polish (virtually identical in formulation, despite being from an altogether different manufacturer), I prefer the effect of the flakes as against the rich purple, as opposed to Sun Still Sleeps’ deep ocean blue. Sun Still Sleeps also required about four more coats for full opacity than the Layla polish, remaining stubbornly sheer at the tips well into its sixth coat.  Having to paint on umpteen layers of polish is no deal breaker for me when it comes to lightweight jelly polishes, although I will note that this now means there will be that many more flakies to wipe off come removal time, and the type of iridescent flakes in Sun Still Sleeps are a ferocious pain in the arse to remove (said removal actually not being the issue; it’s more that colour-shifting ghost flakies cling stubbornly to your nails and the surrounding skin long, long after you’ve acetoned and re-polished, acetoned and re-polished.  Them flakes be in it for the long haul.  But so am I, because this polish, minor quibbles aside, is just lovely.)

Blue Flame Bottle

Purple Flame

Layla Collage

I have no idea what the title of this post means, but I ask you this – did the Bangles know what an Eternal Flame was?  I think not.

But what I do know is that this polish, Layla Cosmetics’ Ceramic Effect in the unimaginatively named CE52, looks like tiny, hot embers embedded in the rich, dusky purple jelly base.  Flame on!

The flakes in CE52 are of the colour-changing, iridescent variety, which means they’re a pain to remove cleanly, but I’m willing to put up with a bit of acetone aggravation for the cool rainbow effect these flakies take on in the shade, where polishes like CE52 always do their best work.


Best of all?  This older polish is still available at Nail Polish Canada!  NPC has CE52 listed as The Butterfly Effect on their website, too, which I think we can all agree is so much better than a numerical rank and file, yes?


Abstract Formation

Abstract Formation

Wait a second, can there even be such a thing?  I’m thinking here of, say, a rock formation that dips and bends and swirls in an abstract…pattern?  But can something that’s abstract even be a pattern?  Or are we talking semantics here, one person’s formation is another person’s pattern?

You know what I do know?  It’s been a long day, I’m feeling kind of zonked and this conversation is breaking my brain.  So I’ll just note that these nails were simple and fun – just randomly brushed-on streaks of polish in the twilight-dawn colours of the Lush bath bomb I reported on yesterday.  Pretty!  And that’s about as in depth as we’re going to get right now (in the nearly always wise words of Buffy Summers, I’m really operating at a “fire bad, tree pretty” level here.)

Bendy Bomb: A Mini Lush Review

Yoga Bomb Collage

Actually called a Yoga Bomb, but to yoga (that’s a verb, right?) means to be bendy, plus the coloured bubbles that erupt out of this bath bomb bend and swirl throughout your tub.  I’ll ask for your forgiveness of that rather laboured analogy – I’ve spent all day putting together a number of the Devil’s Swedish pressboard insanity-making devices (Ikea furniture) and I’m unbelievably knackered.  I actually wish I had saved this bath bomb for a soothing post-pressboarding soak as opposed to using it up last night – I’m quite in need of a hot bath to un-knot my furious forearm and back muscles, and it might as well be pretty while I’m in there.

Well, initially pretty.  Or actually, initially quite plain – this Yoga Bomb bath ballistic from Lush Cosmetics is not much to look at on first glance, just a pretty, peachy little sphere that smells like your third grade teacher (the hippy-ish one who wore Birkenstocks and always had a bit of cat fur on her nubbily knit sweaters.)  Then you drop it in your tub and it erupts into a gorgeous mess of purples, pinks and blues.  Intermingled with the warm orange of the outer shell, it looks like twilight and dawn meeting up at the same time – just gorgeous.

Bath Bomb

But not particularly long-lasting.  Perhaps owing to the fact that my Yoga Bomb came delivered with a small fissure running along its horizontal fault line, it cracked open quickly, putting on a mad, sunset-hued display before petering out in less than three minutes.  That’s not the best value for an already dubiously-valued, single use item that retails for $8.95.

More Bombs

Also, not that you needed a picture of this, but the resulting bathwater was the colour of bong water.  Bong water dusted with gently glimmering mica, yes, but bong water all the same.  And we all know the rules about bong water – don’t drink it, and cripes, don’t bathe in it either!

Yoga Bomb 2

I’m not sure this one would be a repeat for me, but you may wish to check it out – perhaps hippy teacher bong water sunset bomb is totally your bag (come to think of it, all of those things kind of go together!)  I purchased my Yoga Bomb from, and you can, too. Happy bathing!

Hustle and Bustle

Wallpaper Bustle Fingers 2

This is so the pattern of a be-bustle’d silk gown worn by someone in the court of Marie Antoinette (the ultimate ninnyhead, but dear lord, did she have exquisite taste in bespoke fabrics.)  It’s also possibly the fourth layer of wallpaper I uncovered in the upstairs hall of my family’s 100-year-old farmhouse when my mom and I stripped the walls when I was seven.  I like the bustle thing better.

Bustle Wallpaper Fingers 1