Happy Canada Day, Ya Hosers

Happy Canada Day 1

I’m Canadian, and it should be noted that I have NEVER spoken like that in my life!  Aside from some absolutely BRUTAL dialects that come out of the Maritime provinces (Newfoundland, I’m looking at you), I’ve never really found Canadians to have a particular linguistic style.  Then I think about Loonies and Toonies, 26ers (alcohol) and 2-4s (a term used to describe both a case of beer AND the Victoria Day long weekend), “Holy liftin’!” and “Give’r!”, toques and a mickey (more alcohol), and I really think otherwise.  Also, we might have a national drinking problem (do we EVER if we’re drinking Molson – hey-oh!)

This manicure signifies the first time I have ever semi-successfully painted a maple leaf on my nails.  I’m typically total ass at leafs of any description, an odd little glitch in my programming that occupies the same hard drive space as my inability to draw stars or ever remember the rules of football or card games.  I like to think I was inspired by patriotic pride to get it right this time – I did it for my country!  Happy Canada Day, friends – I hope you have a great one. 🙂

Happy Canada Day 2

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