You Light Up My Life

Lights Off and On Collage

Or maybe just my nails, although who am I kidding, nail polish with colour co-ordinated LEDs in the caps is pretty awesome.

Also awesome?  The ultra bracing, highly noxious scent of this polish, Cinapro’s Nail Sugar in Sweet Tooth, has dissipated significantly since the last – and first – time I used it.  Truly, it was just this side of unusable, and overwhelmingly powerful.  Glad to see it has straightened itself up a lot.

Here I’ve shown three and a bit coats of Sweet Tooth straight up.  I’ve seen other bloggers layer it over dark creme polishes, complaining of visible nail lines if used au naturel, but I’ve never had that problem – Sweet Tooth is opaque in three hardly-lumpy coats, plus just a bit of touch-up to fill in any un-glittered bits.

Sweet Tooth fingers

Cinapro has a number of different light-up polishes in their Nail Sugar line, although I think Sweet Tooth is the best of the lot, with its mix of blue hex glitter and iridescent, purple-tinged base.  Very pretty, and two years on from its purchase, still lighting up my life. 🙂

Another Bottle.jpg

6 thoughts on “You Light Up My Life

  1. I have this one, I remember getting it at Sally’s even though I was annoyed that it was not ringing up as part of a nail polish sale they had at the time, and it was expensive, close to $10 I think. I do like it tho 🙂

    • Ugh, Sally’s. Useless. And I say that as someone who just returned from a much-needed trip to Sally’s for a whole host of nail supplies, only to discover that their point of sale system isn’t working. And that’s after an associate got really snippy with my mom once when she was there buying some stuff for me for Christmas, AND after my husband got reamed out by the freaking store manager one time for buying an entire collection of polishes for me at once (his/our problem that they only ordered one of each?) I ain’t shopping there again. But yes, pretty polish. End of rant (sorry.)

      • Wow!!! Yeah I have noticed the one color of each in a collection display thing. I don’t see why it matters if one person gets them all, or many others buy this or that one. Still a sale. ???

      • It was super lame. Buy more stock if that’s the issue. I don’t know why they’re so grumpy there all the time, but I won’t be around to find out. 😦

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