Baby, You’re a Firework

Fireworks 1

Bet that’s only the 20th time my American friends have seen or heard that phrase this Independence Day. Bless you, Katy Perry, patron saint of shooting stuff out yer boob cannons.

Happy 4th!  If you’re celebrating this evening, I hope your fireworks blow up real good. 🙂

Fireworks Collage

5 thoughts on “Baby, You’re a Firework

  1. Heheh boob cannons, what a contribution to the pop culture zeitgeist…

    I will say great mani and use of color shift np, and try not to rant about the noise in the neighborhood from the fireworks ppl set off. I know I will sound old and cranky.

    • Zeitgeist! Now there’s a trillion dollar word for you. 🙂 Years ago a friend of mine dressed up as Cupcake Boob’d Katy Perry for Halloween. She looked amazing – the blue wig and everything – although she already sort of looks like Katy Perry, so she’s already winning!

      You have a dog, right? Is that why you’re anti-fireworks? My cat doesn’t seem to get too freaked, but every dog I’ve ever known just loathes them.

      • Good memory! Funny thing is she has been pretty calm about all the racket…thankfully she is pretty mellow and storms and stuff don’t usually rile her up. *I* was the one who almost jumped out of my skin a couple times on our walk the other night due to the super close super loud booms…LOL! We have lived here for years, so either more people are doing the home fireworks thing, or I didn’t notice as much in the past and now I am that old person getting mad about noise after 11pm. But that sure doesn’t seem like the ideal time for people on my street to be playing drums in the garage or basketball in the street….

      • We don’t get very many backyard fireworks around here. There’s always the big show on Parliament Hill every year (weather permitting) but other than that, we don’t do the fireworks thing all that much.

        I follow these vloggers on YouTube who live in central Florida (which means Disney, which means daily fireworks in, like, five different parks, as well as neighbours who seem to like to set them off just because it’s Wednesday, and one of their dogs is just petrified of them. He whines and shakes like mad. They got him this thing called a thunder shirt? It’s basically like swaddling a baby – a tight, reassuring squeeze, I guess. Maybe they come in your size? 😉

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