twenty one pilots hand

When it comes to my taste in music (“My taste in music is your face”?), I always defer to the wise words of Natasha Lyonne’s character, Christine, in one of my favourite movies, Detroit Rock City: “Good tunes is good tunes, be it disco or rock or polka or whatever have you, regardless of the category.”  That she’s blazed to the eyeballs when she unloads that bit of wisdom doesn’t diminish the sentiment – labels in music are bullshit. Who freaking cares so long as it moves you?

I wasn’t always so zen about the musical lines that divide.  In fact, after having spent a large portion of my teenage years jammed inside a sweaty little brick-walled concert hall with 500 of my now-closest friends, blowing out both my eardrums and my brain cells on barely listenable punk-ish rock (Fugazi, I’m looking at you), I became THAT PERSON.  You know that person – that completely annoying music snob who looks down her nose at everything that’s not within her pretty limited musical wheelhouse (alt rock, and the less mainstream, the better.)  Ugh, that girl was such a tool.

These days, I take a much more relaxed approach to the music that moves me.  When I’m in the car at least, I ride Sirius HARD, which is how I somewhat recently discovered twenty one pilots, the band that inspired these nails.  Sure, it all started with that Stressed Out song (their most popular, another little tidbit of non-hardcoreness that would have majorly irked me back in the day) but pretty soon I was checking out their videos on YouTube (in the video for House of Gold, they’re floating, ukulele-playing torsos!) and then quite obsessively checking out their videos on YouTube (pretty sure at this point I should just rename it PilotTube) and then buying all of their albums in both digital and physical formats so I’m never, ever without their weirdo, two-person alt rock clanging around inside my head, which is how I managed to memorize all of the songs off their last two albums – including the most recent, Blurryface – in the span of about a week and a half.

Yeah, I’ve got it bad.  So, so bad.  I love everything about them, and unabashedly so – the skeleton hoodies, the bike messenger pants, the ukulele, the accordion, the KEYTAR, the cute-as-hell boymance between the only two guys in the band, their whole small-town-kids-barely-grown-up-DIYness…I’ve gone full-on fangirl here, as I may have mentioned when I did these Suicide Squad nails last week.  And what do I do when I’m fangirling hard for something?  I put it on my nails, of course.  For this manicure, I attempted the band’s logo, as well as a few geographic designs inspired by Blurryface’s black, red and white album artwork.

twenty one pilots fingers

6 thoughts on “Blurryface

  1. I checked out the Suicide Squad video after reading your post last week. I wasn’t sure if it was just the two guys or what. We were watching Lip Sync Battle and Zoe Saldana did their song Ride and was recreating a lot of the video and we were like what is this?? I have just sort of missed this whole thing…. On Sirius, I stick with the EDM and 90s/2000 pop hits channels and Lithium as homage to my grunge years 🙂

    • Yup, it’s just the two guys. I’ve never watched Lip Sync Battle before (except I saw a video of the numbers Channing Tatum and his wife, Jenna Dewan, did – she was freaking AMAZING!)

      Lithium! Always an excellent choice. I like Faction as well, as long as they’re not playing endless hours of the Jason Ellis Show.

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