Cheerful 1

Here’s a simple and sunny French manicure in a rainbow’s worth of holographic lacquers, Enchanted Polish’s red February 2015, orange Desert Sunset and a smidge of sky blue September 2015, Cirque’s golden yellow Chyrsopoeia and Colors by Llarowe’s emerald green Gemini Rising (a polish I am somewhat scared of using, as the last time I wore it, it stained my nails pea green for the next four months.)  Cheery!

Cheerful 2

Update: Gemini Rising strikes again!  Here’s the staining that resulted from just 12 hours of wear over top of TWO thick layers of base coat.  I won’t be using this polish again (not that I could from its current position at the bottom of my garbage can.)  Terrifically unimpressed with Llarowe – their house brand polishes are not inexpensive, and Gemini Rising has destroyed my nails now twice, despite my better preventative efforts.

Gemini Rising

12 thoughts on “Cheerful

  1. RIP Gemini Rising! I have a lot of CbL polishes and I like the majority of them. In fact I have worn three back to back here recently. I had pinky red/reddish pink “Bea Stings” on my toes until last night, and purple with pink shimmer “Girls Shift Faster” on my fingers. Bea was ok, Girls was a bit disappointing on me in real life compared to pix…it look glowy in pix with lighting of course, but much dustier in person, at least on me. I switched to a turquoise with pink shimmer “Katarina” on my fingers last night that dries matte, it’s perfect for summer. I did three coats and drying drops and thought I was good to go. Got a bit sheet marked so I will top coat to see how it looks shiny.

    • Oh gosh, like you said, beautiful polishes, but I just can’t with that green. It’s beyond destructive. Such a shame, because it’s just the perfect green holo, but it was like painting my nails with food dye.

      • Yep totally, I was surprised you used it again, but it helped a bit to have double base coat…staining doesn’t look quite as bad? But yeah not worth it.

      • No, you’re right, the staining is not as bad, and confined to my pinkie, it’s not quite so much of a pain, but still…I was seriously so trepidatious about using it, but I went ahead anyways. Should have heeded that little voice telling me to find another green!

    • Thank you! Oh, I KNOW – that polish, man. So gorgeous, and the perfect green holo (just a perfect green, really) but I might as well just dump green dye directly onto my nails. Greens are SO tricky that way!

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