Summer Melon

Summer Melon Collage

Clear blue skies and humid temperatures in the 40s call for three things: 1. Air conditioning, 2. A swimming pool and 3. Watermelon.  Actually, these are pretty much the only conditions under which I’ll eat watermelon, as I’m really not that fond of it.  It’s a filler fruit, like honeydew.  And cantaloupe just flat out makes me want to hit things.  I’m clearly melon biased.

Except when it comes to this fun glitter topper, Whimsical Ideas by Pam’s Wacky Watermelon, a fun, summery favourite of mine that I layered over a pretty new acquisition, OPI’s pale turquoise creme, Sailing & Nail-ing.  In the last week alone I’ve used this polish in three different manis, it’s that great.

I did have a bit of trouble with Wacky Watermelon in that it bubbled fiercely, leaving unsightly pockmarks all over my otherwise pristine manicure.  I’m chalking this up to the unholy humidity we’re experiencing – I’ve actually noticed that none of my polishes behave all that well in these kinds of temperatures.  Just like me!

Summer Melon Fingers

6 thoughts on “Summer Melon

  1. Yummy and summery! I am not a melon fan either, but my husband is. I admit to being lazy and buying the containers where it is all chopped up already. You can get lucky with the combo of all you mentioned and some pineapple…worth it to me to pay a few bucks for that. I can’t see myself lugging home a whole intact watermelon, pineapple, etc! And he puts a light dusting of pepper on them when he eats them. That must be like salting hot chocolate or something. Not that I do that. I need a clear line of demarcation between sweet and savory most of the time.

    • Ooh, pepper on watermelon sounds delicious. I can’t remember the brand name right now, but this little Mexican grocery near me sells this chili/lime/salt stuff that I believe is supposed to go over meat or veggies, but it also tastes amazing sprinkled across tropical-type fruits like watermelons and mangos. Lip-smackin’ good stuff, really. Then again, I DO like my salty and sweet together – no need for the lines that divide here!

  2. Thank you for the link! It looks familiar, I will have to grab it if I see it at the store….I’ve got a Mrs Dash that I think is a spicy with lime kind of seasoning…I love it for tacos ….but for fruit like it says on the Tajin site would never occur to me. But I am super picky, which I guess is obvious by now from what I’ve said in this post…lol! 😀

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