Disney Girl Challenge: Ariel (One More Time)

Ariel Full Hand

Looks like third time’s the charm for these charming Ariel nails that borrow quite a bit from a previous design, while adding some serious infrastructure upgrades in the form of new shells – a couple of nail charms from Daily Charme – for one Miss Mermaid.

I love these nails!  I think this manicure turned out so well, particularly the shells, which started out life as plain white charms that I then painted a holographic purple (Enchanted Polish’s August 2015), highlighted with the same purple multi-chrome I used in Ariel’s tail.  Speaking of, her tail also got a bit of an upgrade – ILNP’s glitter flakie topper, Supernova, over Polish Me Silly’s mermaidy multi-chrome, Paradise, for a scale-type look.

Ariel Fingers

Ariel’s face over on my thumb also looks much improved.  Pupils are the windows to the soul, and everybody should have them, even my little Disney nail characters. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Disney Girl Challenge: Ariel (One More Time)

  1. Ariel is one of my favorite princesses, so this is one of my favorites of your series! Wish I could do nail art like this!:)

    • Aw, thank you – that’s super nice of you to say. 🙂 Ariel is not my favourite princess (I think that’s Snow White) but she’s certainly the prettiest, I think. Also, naked! Those shells really don’t cover much! 😉

    • Aw, thank you. 🙂 I really like the shells, too! Couldn’t leave them plain white, and besides, shells are another thing I’m total crap at painting – it was easier just to paint over these guys!

    • A highly impractical undergarment. Or I guess it’s actually Ariel’s ONLY garment – girlfriend is pretty naked all the time.

      So I guess you like ultra red-headed you best? 🙂 In university I had BRIGHT RED (like, Ronald McDonald) streaks in my hair. Totally common now, but at the time it was pretty wild. My hair wouldn’t hold the colour at all, though (I’m sure you’ve found that to be a problem with reds) and I had to give it up out of a desire to not spend 10 hours at the salon every three weeks getting re-reddened.

      • Ha, no! I’m a red head (kind of.) now.
        My mermaid hair was bright blue and long and wavy. ‘Mermaid’ because I was literally SCREAMED at by children on the street: ‘Look Mommy! A mermaid’!!

        (I so get you about the wild – when I had mine, it was wild. Now it’s so. common. (Haha, just a little bitter.))

      • That’s completely awesome. 🙂 Although I bet blue didn’t have the easiest upkeep either. Although now that I’m thinking about it, shortly after my husband and I got engaged he dyed his hair neon blue, and that crap lasted forever.

        And you’re right, now it’s everywhere. I totally don’t understand the pastel hair craze, though. Like, first, go big or go home, and second, I think the colour comes out/fades in about two weeks. Um, NO.

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