Galaxy Quest

Galaxy 1

Not the movie, although I’ll confess to finding it much more tolerable on recent viewings. It’s just one of those movies – very much like Men in Black – that has never really appealed to me.  Anything that has to do with space stuff, actually, particularly the two Stars, Wars and Trek.

But enough about the holes in my pop culture sci fi knowledge, and on to the sci fi nails. Thankfully, one area I no longer seem to be struggling in quite so badly any more are my galaxy nail designs.  Galaxy nails have never really been my thing, because I seem unable to pull off a delicate star design.  But with a little assistance – okay, a lot of assistance – from my secret weapon for creating the perfect starry lacquered sky, CND Vinylux’s Dazzling Dance, this dusky mani turned out quite beautifully.  Quest fulfilled!

Galaxy Sun

And a small shout-out as well to the obstinate little water droplet clinging to my index finger, which lasted through 80 some-odd photos and completely dodged my attention until, well, now. Nicely done, water droplet!

Also, this manicure matches the leggings I’m currently wearing.  I’ll leave you to decide if that was intentional or not. 😉

Galaxy Leggings

17 thoughts on “Galaxy Quest

  1. *GASP, clutches pearls* You don’t…like…sci fi!?! But everybody loves sci fi! Everybody loves space opera/westerns…don’t they? I’m think you have to return the space leggings….


      • Ha, okay, I’m not sure if that’s the link you intended to send me, but that one calls up the most random assortment of YouTube videos – one about the girl who plays Arya, I think, on Game of Thrones, something else about a chicken embryo, a freakin’ Nardwuar video (interviewing/freaking out Drake), a teens react video…what the hell, YouTube?! Like you’re not random enough already?

      • Okay, that’s better! For some reason the whole video shows up down here in the comments, but off the e-mail notification I get, it’s just a link, and that link was…weird! SPACE PANTS!

    • Thank you! Yeah, Galaxy Quest has always been one of those ones I’m super meh about, but after Alan Rickman’s passing, I watched it again, and it’s super funny. 🙂 My husband is WELL versed in Star Trek, so he was able to fill in lots of the references for me. Sigourney Weaver is hilarious – actually, everybody is.

  2. This is mesmerizing! So are you saying you’re not going to watch the new Star Trek movie?! 😛 I think we’re going to see it next weekend when it launches.

    • Not only did I not watch the new movie this weekend, I have not watched the two (two?) new ones, nor have I ever watched any of the others. Or any of the TV shows.

      Know what else is crazy? With the exception of 15 minutes of one of her Christmas giveaway shows, I never watched a single episode of Oprah. How have I managed to avoid these cultural giants for so long?!

  3. I’m Not too crazy about sci fi either, but I do like Star Wars and the Twilight Zone(Not sure if that counts, does it?? Haha)! Love these nails; you are very talented!

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