No Name Nails

No Name 1

You guys, the unthinkable *may* have happened – I’ve no pithy little title for this post, mostly because I have no idea what these nails actually are.  Pastel watermelon seeds?  A highly stylized sunset?  The visual representation of that little *PING!* noise that goes off above your head when you have a particularly inspired thought (or so movies have taught me)?  Sesame seeds?  Quarter-daisies?  I’d say this manicure is way open for interpretation.

And because I made a point of taking the photos for these nails in the sun, where the beautiful base polish I used here could really shine, I’ll give IT a name – KB Shimmer’s In Bare Form, THE perfect nude holo for folks of the ultra pale variety.

No Name 2

8 thoughts on “No Name Nails

    • Add paws to the list of things it looks like! Although I also think it looks a lot like the stenciling my mom did up the backs of the stairs in this house we lived in when I was younger. Still WIDE open to interpretation!

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