The Pastel Leopard

Leopard Bottle

Right, so it’s official: There’s nothing I can pair with the word “leopard” that doesn’t make me think of a strip club, including the names of every manicure I’ve ever done with this polish, KB Shimmer’s leopard-spotted glitter, Spot Sign.  It’s a sickness.  Then one day I’ll use some flocking powder to create The Velvet Leopard and that’ll just put me right over the edge. 😉

Leopard Fingers

9 thoughts on “The Pastel Leopard

  1. Cute take on leopard print (animal prints – not my thing at all!).

    Btw, I showed my husband your sushi mani & he thought it was super artistic! We both started craving sushi & just had to get some last night 😀

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