You’re Entirely BONKERS

Bonkers Bottle Sun Angle

Kicking off the week with another everything-and-the-kitchen-sink lacquer from Glam Polish, this time the super sweet You’re Entirely BONKERS from their It’s Only a Dream, Alice Collection.

Like Six Impossible Things, a polish I took a closer look at last week, You’re Entirely BONKERS (emphasis on the “bonkers,” gotcha) is a silvery-blue holo stuffed with iridescent mirco-glitter, tiny chromatic flakies and a smattering of razor thin glass glitter. Six Impossible Things’ pale pink glitter gives that polish a delicate, sort of romantic look, but You’re Entirely BONKERS positively dazzles with a disco’s worth of purple, blue and green glass glitter that actually looks like ALL the colours of the rainbow when it’s out in the sun doing its sweet thang.

Bonkers Fingers Sun 2

Speaking of, also like Six Impossible Things, You’re Entirely BONKERS was just a total jerk to try and photograph, both in and out of the sun, but particularly in the shade where its iciness registers as out-of-focus.  Another pretty polish that presents so much better in real life than in photographs, but gorgeous all the same.

Bonkers Fingers Shade

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