The Flea and the Acrobat

The Flea and the Acrobat

Can we talk about Stranger Things’ science teacher, Mr. Clarke?  He’s the best!  In a show filled to the brim with wonderful characters, he’s a real stand-out.  I love how the boys treat him like a fabulous moustached proto-Google. Don’t got the answers?  Mr. Clarke’s got the answers! Even if it’s 10 pm on a Saturday and you’re interrupting his special lady-and-a-horror-movie time with your pesky questions about how to build an on-the-fly deprivation tank. Now, THAT’S an educator.

These nails, which were actually much harder and more time-consuming than I had anticipated, depict Mr. Clarke’s simple-but-effective paper plate explanation of inter-dimensional travel.  Simply put, we humans (the acrobat) live in a dimension (the tightrope) that has set physical rules, among them that we can only move forwards and backwards along the rope.  But right beside us there’s a flea (the monster that stalks Stranger Things’ characters from its nightmare dimension, The Upside Down) and that flea can also move forwards and backwards along the rope, just like us.  But the flea can also move sideways, along the edge of the rope, and it can even go under the rope (“The Upside Down” the boys murmur in awed tones.)  Awesome Mr. Clarke, literally droppin’ science like a madman.  I reiterate – he’s the best!

For my next set of Stranger Things nails, I plan on doing a manicure inspired by Steve’s tremendous hair.  I’m joking – or am I? 😉

11 thoughts on “The Flea and the Acrobat

    • Totally! I’d love to have seen his reaction to the events of the weekend, just to watch him put it all together and what his role in it – a pretty big one! – actually was. 🙂

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