16 thoughts on “Veggie Tales

      • And *I’ve* got beets on the brain because it was just a couple of weeks ago that I cut off most of my ring fingernail with my vegetable peeler while I was peeling beets. Ugh, messy – purple everywhere.

      • Awwww! I did a similar thing a couple weeks back with a vegetable peeler (and carrots), except I actually cut my finger. I remember cutting into my finger, not realizing it, and pushing harder with the peeler, thinking, “What’s up with this carrot?” So. Dumb.

      • Oh, yikes! That sounds SO painful. Mine was hella painful, and I only cut my nail very, very, very close to the skin – I can’t imagine; I don’t want to! Was it one of those Y-shaped (or T-shaped) peelers? I have one of those, and it’s sharper than some of my knives.

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