The Upside Down

The Upside Down

Great news from Netflix today that the much-beloved and gabbed-about Stranger Things will be coming back for a second season!  This is tremendous news for your friendly, totally obsessed neighbourhood nail blogger. I’m so pleased by this bounty of Stranger Things things, I’ve wanted to hug myself, all day long.  But really, I just want to find out what Steve’s hair got up to over its summer vacation, and whether it met up with Mr. Clarke’s mustache at all to, I dunno, have coffee and maybe discuss styling tips.  Team Steve’s Hair (and the dude who runs Steve’s hair; you may know him as Steve.)

So in celebration of this momentous announcement, here are some more Stranger Things-themed nails, this time a manicure inspired by the show’s dark, dank and kind of mucus-covered alt dimension, The Upside Down.

And if you’re wondering where my middle finger nail vanished to, that’s easy – the Demogorgon got it.  Damn slippery Demogorgon – gotta keep your eye on that one, mostly because he doesn’t have any!

16 thoughts on “The Upside Down

  1. I so want to watch this series! It looked awesome, however I’m still finishing off Penny Dreadful. (I’m one of those weirdos who can only watch one new series at a time, or read one book at a time.)

    • Oh no, I completely get that. And pardon my language, but Penny Dreadful is a total mindfuck, and you should probably just stay in that head space. Stranger Things has a great, sweet heart to it – I’d say it’s incompatible with Penny Dreadful tonally anyways, so you’re off the hook! I just don’t know how you’re managing to stay away from spoilers (including mine; sorry about that, by the way.)

      • To be honest, because I know so little about what it’s actually about , what you said in your post makes no sense to me. All I’ve seen is the tv trailer where there’s a truck/car flipping over some kids or something like that and I decided to do no more investigating.

      • Wise. I generally don’t care about spoilers (if I cared enough, I’d watch the thing immediately so I don’t get spoiled) but I really stayed away from all Stranger Things press in the week it took me to watch the show. I wanted it to be a surprise and a delight, and it was. 🙂

    • I don’t think there was any doubt, not with how well it’s still doing, but I would have been fine with it ending where it did. I’m glad the characters are going to be returning, though – I wouldn’t be so jazzed about, say, an anthology series.

      • Yeah, AHS-style would be a little annoying, simply because the cast was all really wonderful and I want to see more of them. My fave shows are constantly getting canceled, so it’s nice to see it NOT happening again, here.

      • I just kind of stopped watching TV a while back, except for stuff I pick up on Netflix, and it’s been sort of nice not having to worry about my favourites getting blighted off the face of the earth – I get it.

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