Blue Veronica (31DC2016)

Blue Veronica Fingers

That’s the name of these flowers, Blue Veronicas.  And I actually set out to paint some bluebell nails for day five’s theme of blue in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge, but first they looked too much like lilacs, and then after I added the green frond-y bits, they looked too tropical.  So I hopped on Google to see if there were any blue-hued tropical flowers, and there are not!  In fact, there are virtually no blue flowers.  Various shades of purple leaning dangerously close to the blue end of the spectrum, but unless it’s been sitting around in a pail of blue-dyed water in front of a gas station for the last 24 hours, you’re unlikely to find a true blue flower (indeed, even these Blue Veronicas are really called Purplish Blue Veronicas.)

But another quick search of Google for flowers with the blues turned up these guys, who look very much like my bluebells-that-weren’t.  You’ll just have to forgive the fronds, even though they’re annoying the heck out of me – bah, a perfectly good design undone by faulty foliage!


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