Fall Fun Series: My Fall Wax Stash

Wax Header

Or as I was going to call it, THE SHOWING OF THE SCENTED WAX.  But that sentiment seems sort of needlessly dramatic, and also like it maybe needs to be accompanied by a Hans Zimmer score of some kind?

So instead I’ll simply say that this two-tiered bounty of non-edible goodies represents some of the yummy seasonal scents I’ll be melting this Fall – you know, lots of apple-y, pumpkin-y, cinnamon-y goodness.  Like a lot of the wax-minded bloggers who are participating in the Fall Fun Series, my collection (or stash, or first step into the exciting new world of hoarding) draws on a number of different vendors, both indie and commercial alike.  I have my favourites, of course, but I’m pretty much an equal opportunity melter – if it smells good, melt it (and if it gives you a headache, turn it off, but that’s just good home fragrance advice, period.)

So what sort of yummy seasonal scents will be wafting through my home this Fall?  On the top tier, from left to right, we have:

A gigantic chunk of Rosegirls’ Crazy Pants Fluff Puffs, a wicked strong apple-strawberry bakery scent.
A couple of chunks of Rosegirls’ Pumpkin Cream Cheese Smoothie.
A Rosegirls ice cream scoop in Apple Eclipse, a mild apple-vanilla-bourbon blend.
A tiny flower tart of K’s Kreations’ Grandma’s Kitchen, a spicy, “craft store in the Fall” type of scent.
A half-tart of Ten Digit Creations’ Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, a dupe of the popular Bath and Body Works scent.

Labelled Collage 1

Two half-tarts from K’s Kreations, fruity Appleberry Fluff Cookie Bread and spicy Cranberry Jam Thumbprints.
A giant, untouched jar of Rosegirls’ scoopable wax in Paul Bunyan’s French Toast, a cinnamon broom-spicy type of Fall bakery.
My last sheet of K’s Kreations’ rainbow brittle in Creamy Cranberry Jam Bread, a sweetly spiced zucchini bread blend.
A large bag of Rosegirls’ Pumpkin Blueberry Cream Cheese Cupcakes.
A couple of chunks of Rosegirls’ Cider Lane, Bear Claws and Marshmallow Smoothie.

Labelled Collage 2

And on the bottom tier, from left to right, you will find:

The final cubes from the first wax order I ever placed, with Etsy’s Simple Gals Candle Co., in buttered rum-laced Animal Kingdom Lodge and woodsy apple scent, Enchanted Apple.
A bag of Rosegirls’ Mini Melters (single scents or scent combos in little blend-your-own cubes) in Dunk My Donut, a rich, cinnamon-dusted cake donut scent.
A large Rosegirls tart in Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and Butterbrickle.

labelled Collage 3

Half of a large Rosegirls tart in Pumpkin Blueberry Cobbler.
A bag of Rosegirls’ Mini Melters in Macintosh Swizzle Sticks, a candied apple scent perfect for Fall blending experiments.
ScentSationals’ Baked With Love combo clamshell pack, featuring Pumpkin Sugar Cookie and Cinnamon Pumpkin, two delicious, pumpkin-and-cinnamon bakery blends.
Another fantastic ScentSationals find, this time a clamshell in Honey Bourbon Frosting (bottom), a creamy, sweet, almost hay-ey scent that reminds me of my favourite – and long-since discontinued – shampoo, Timotei Honey and Chamomile.

Labelled Collage 4

So as you can see – but which you probably wish you could smell, because it smells pretty frackin’ awesome in here right now – I’ve got a lot of options for getting my cran-pumpkin muffin on this autumn – and how nice that those yummy options are even of the non-caloric variety!

16 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series: My Fall Wax Stash

  1. I am totally digging the cake stand full of wax. You have such a nice set of fall melts going on. I love that Rosegirls’ large cookie of pumpkin and blueberry. I had one of those once and loved it. Macintosh Swizzle Sticks too. Excellent. I love Swizzle Sticks. And hey. Your title is groovy, totally should use it.

    • Thanks very much, Julie! I actually thought I didn’t have much variety, but this picture might suggest otherwise. I like the cake stand, too – it’s so hard to find unique ways to display this stuff (plus the bags they’re kept in are generally pretty grungy and not photo-friendly.)

      Should have used that title. And in ALL CAPS.

    • Thank you, Stephanie! I haven’t gotten to it just yet, but I think that Apple Eclipse will be very yummy to melt on a rainy day. Somewhere close by, though, because it don’t have a ton of presence.

  2. I am loving this post!! Totally cute set up! What a cute background for us Waxies this would make. You do have lots of fun and exciting melts for this series! Can’t wait to see your reviews on them! ♡

    • Thanks! I wanted to try something a little different with my wax set-up (although I guess it’s not actually THAT different, because the last time I got a big haul of stuff, I laid it all out on a cake tray, too!)

  3. Great stash lady! I appreciate all of the detailed pics, and welcome to hoarder status. It’s where I live. I love your description of Honey Bourbon Frosting, I thini that I like hay-ey scents and will search for some.

    • Thanks! I actually had no idea I had so many Fall scents, because my overall stash is not that large. This is proportionally kind of big!

      Big recommendation on the honey bourbon ScentSationals. It’s so yummy – I tested two cubes yesterday, and they’ve been smelling everything up since.

  4. You take the cake and stand for awesome presentation! I’ve seen wax displayed every which way to the moon but this is the first time I’ve seen it so beautifully presented on a cake stand. Well done.
    oh mannn..I read the RG Cider Lane blend about five times in a row — it sounds so delicious.
    I loved this post and can’t wait to read more … 🙂

    • Thanks very much, that’s super nice of you to say. 🙂 I kind of wish we could keep this stuff out in some decorative fashion without it getting all dusty and losing its scent. How much fun would it be to just pluck whatever you want that day off a tray?

      And that Cider Lane blend is pretty darn yummy. The bear claws are thankfully not too bear-y…sorry, bread-y!

    • Thank you! It was kind of messy laying it all out, but the bags this stuff is normally housed in are soooo gungy and I just couldn’t take pictures of them. The mini melters in particular looked like I had just thrown them across my livingroom a few dozen times!

  5. Those waxes look like sweets at High Tea! 🙂
    I got a Scentsy last Christmas and have yet to try it! I think I might become addicted…
    The Apple Eclipse sounds amazing! And omg Timotei, I’d forgotten about that shampoo! Smelled so good!

    • That was what I was going for! I’ve never tried any of the Scentsy stuff myself, but some of the warmers are darned cute.

      Also, it’s not exactly the same, but Garnier has a new kind of shampoo out called Whole Blends, I think, and there’s a honey-scented one (comes in a cheery yellow bottle) – it smells super duper close to that old Timotei shampoo. Close enough that I’m ready to go out and buy enough bottles to last me the rest of my life, and I NEVER do that.

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