A Clockwork Metallic (31DC2016)


Keeping excellent time today with this heavy metal mani for day eight’s theme of metallics in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge.  I don’t often use metallic polishes because they don’t photograph very well, and indeed, these steampunky nails look so much better in real life than they do in this photo (or any of the photos I took; my neighbours must have thought – not for the first or the last time – that I had lost my mind as I paced back and forth across my balcony looking for the best light.  But business as usual, that.) 😉


11 thoughts on “A Clockwork Metallic (31DC2016)

  1. I so feel you on the neighbors comment. A lot of my pics are taken outside for better light bc my house is near darkness at all times. I know they think I’m nuts or suspicious at the very least. Btw, these nails look fantastic!

    • Yes, that’s totally it – natural light beats ’em all if you can get it.

      On a slightly related note, a vlogger I sometimes follow recently got a nasty letter from a neighbour telling him to get a life and stop talking to himself in his backyard. Touche.

    • I’m actually quite a bit off the ground, and I see people down on the path that runs below my building sometimes looking up, trying to figure out if maybe I’m being all creepy and taking photos of them? I always want to shout down, “NO, I’M JUST TAKING PICTURES OF MY NAILS!” but then who’s the crazy one?

  2. This metallic steampunk mani really winds my gears. Seriously. I love it. I have bought and tried many coppers, golds and silvers but the only one I am totally smitten with is OPI’s Designer De Better (such a hokey name).

    • Oh, that pun! Wah-wah… 🙂 I’m pretty sure all OPI polish names are ridiculous – it might actually be a requirement. And I really think metallics look so nice in real life, but maybe for photos, something more on the frosty side of things? Although then there’s nail streaks and…are these problems? I fear I’ve lost perspective here.

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