Fall Fun Series: A Small Fall Haul


Today’s installment of the Fall Fun Series called for a showing of our Fall decorations, but I can’t do that because a) I don’t have that many; my Fall decorating funds (and precious, precious storage) have already been allocated to my Halloween decorations, and b) my balcony, which is where I house my seasonal decorative items in covered storage, has been INUNDATED with terrifically large spiders (and their webs, and babies, too!) that I like to joke (?) are chilling at our place while on vacation from their jobs as extras in the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter movies – they are seriously that big.  For scale, here is a photo of my cat Weegie sunning herself in a corner window, oblivious to the eight-legged death dangling just above her head.  Also, just to terrify you even further, I’ll note that when she jumped up into the window, the spiders rappelled down from somewhere out of sight I don’t even want to think about, bouncing to a stop just above her head when I think they realized they were on one side of the glass and she was on the other.


So large, aggressive and super smart arachnids have overtaken my balcony; do you blame me for not wanting to go rustling about in those covered containers trying to find an old spiderweb-covered wreath I’ll only have out for a couple of weeks before it’s replaced with a Halloween one?  No!  Or at least I hope not.  Besides, I can’t blog about ANYTHING if I’ve screamed myself to death.

So instead of showing the decorations, I thought I’d do another showing of the scented wax, because – no joke – about three minutes after I hit the publish button on last week’s Fall wax post, a lovely box of goodies from Rosegirls showed up on my doorstep, positively brimming with Fall scents (plus a few winter holiday ones just for good measure, an odd little blank spot in my wax collection.)  And so I did what I always do when I get a bunch of wax that I’m not sure whether I want to sniff or stare at or maybe even eat and slapped it on a cake tray and took pictures of it to share with you!  Man, blogging is a weird animal sometimes.

So what are the most recent additions to my Fall wax stash that have necessitated the purchase of a bigger basket in which to house all the delicious-smelling stuff?  Additions like pie slices in:

Apple Puff Pumpkin Pie, a highly spiced apple blend with an interesting, not-quite-bread/not-quite muffin bakery note.
Apple Colada, a sweet, mild apple tinged with something slightly tropical.
Egg Nog Caramel Ice Cream; Tucking this sweet slice away for winter holiday use.


And then an unexpected bounty of fantastic Fall scents in a variety of chunks, including:

Harvest Bake Sale Noel, a craft-store-in-the-Fall kind scent infused with Bath and Body Works’ musky (and insanely popular) Vanilla Bean Noel fragrance.
Spicy Apple and Peaches Ice Cream; My favourite scent out of the whole sampler – spicy, creamy, fruity and tart.
Toffee Apple Ice Cream, a creamy candied apple scent.
Peppermint Noel; Vanilla Bean Noel strikes again, this time tempering Rosegirls’ nose-burningly strong peppermint.  Another one I’ll be tucking away for the colder winter months.  Lord knows I’ve got enough of those ahead of me!


12 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series: A Small Fall Haul

  1. How are you so funny and terrifying about spiders at the same time! I was laughing and mortified and dead when I saw those spiders above your cat’s head – never mind they were on the other side of the window, that is creepy and I’ll be honest, I don’t hate spiders (individually and non-hairy) but when they form a force like they have on your balcony – just no.
    Apple Puff Pumpkin Pie is a good one! I also enjoy RG’s eggnog blends. Very nice additions to your fall and winter stash!

    • Thank you so much, that’s super sweet of you to say…but I have to have a sense of humour about those spiders, because they’re really not going anywhere. They (or their ancestors) have been here for YEARS. They’re in control of the balcony now! And I don’t hate them either (although I do hate their webs all over the outside of my totally unreachable window) but watching them devour their dinners RIGHT outside my window, in great detail, is pretty horrifying!

    • I thought I read years ago that some company was trying to make a “smell box” that you could attach to your computer and emit the appropriate scents depending on what your gaming needs were at the time (that would be so super cool when you’re playing the Sims and they’re tending a bakery or something, but probably less cool when you’re playing GTA and your character’s been at the strip club for the last 19 hours!)

  2. You’re killing me with this post! I’ve laughed, I’ve shrieked (detest spiders and those are insane!!!) I’ve “oohed” and “ahhed” over some of these RG scents: Apple Colada and Spicy Apple Peaches Ice Cream and I’ve admired your wax pics again. So no complaints here for photos of wax over wreaths.

    • Ha, I’m glad you liked it! But I’m sorry for freaking you out with the spiders – it wasn’t until later on that I thought maybe I should have warned people?

      And oh, holy cats, that spicy peach and apple ice cream chunk was dee-licious. Really strong and long-lasting, too – I think I had it kicking around for three days off and on.

  3. Whoa. So many delectable scents you have there. Peppermint Noel is one of my favorites. And Harvest Bake Sale and Apple Puff are both spicy hits. What a cool box you got! And the nice thing about the pie slices are the number of melts you can squeeze out of them. They look amazing displayed on your stand. Totally digging that arrangement. And while the arachnids are repulsive, your kitty is adorable. My husband has the deep fear of spiders so I am the lucky one who has to shoo them away. But he takes care of the roaches. Any insect in Blatteria makes my skin crawl. I had to pin 50 insects in college for my entomology class and made Adam catch al those roachy buggers. Gross.

    • Holy crow, you weren’t kidding about the apple puff. It’s got to have some apple jack and peel in there, because she’s STRONG! Like, turn-it-off-it’s-giving-me-a-headache strong, unfortunately. 😦 And yes, I remember from your blog that you’re spun for minty, herb-y, pink sugary things. Peppermint Noel fits in nicely with that. 🙂

      I was just joking with Stephanie on her comment that I hadn’t given one ounce of thought to any readers who might be petrified of spiders, but holy cats, I think your roach talk up there might need to come with a warning! Eeeeeek, that sounds terrifying. But you guys have some INSECTS in Florida. My mom and I were tromping through some cute little town I can’t remember right now (I think it has the highest elevation in Florida, which I realize is still pretty puny!) when this GIANT orange, turquoise and black beetle/creature from my nightmares dropped onto the sidewalk in front of us and then scampered away all creepily. We SHIT. Like, screaming at the top of our lungs while my dad laughed his ass off. Evil man. 😉

  4. Ahh.. those spiders in that picture! That’s a whole bunch of nope right there for me. I don’t blame you. The Toffee Apple Ice Cream and Peppermint Noel scents sound amazing!

    • Alllll the nope! Actually, I suppose it’s super inconsiderate of me, but I hadn’t even thought of people who are really, genuinely afraid of spiders reading this post (like, the kind of people that can’t even look at a picture of spiders without freaking a bit.) I hope I haven’t traumatized too many!

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