Dot, Dot, Dot… (31DC2016)


I completed this manicure for day 11’s theme of polka dots in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge earlier on the 11th, but sat on it until the clock struck midnight on September 12th.  With no judgement towards those who do/did, it’s my personal policy on days of great tragedy, whether they happened 15 years ago or 15 hours ago, to go radio silent.  My brain is a perpetual beehive motion machine under the best of circumstances, and when I’m overloaded with sadness and fear – or even just the memory of sadness and fear – I prefer to stay in that weird little buzzing place and sort through the wreckage on my own.  Blogging and nail art are generally not compatible with that kind of frame of mind, and so I stay respectfully silent.

But I’m posting now at just a few minutes after midnight on the 12th because I didn’t want to lose the fabulous momentum I’ve managed to build up over the course of my participation in two different blogging challenges this month.  As in I’ve been completely on the pace, a feat I have never once managed in any of the challenges I’ve participated in in my three years of blogging.  I have no idea why that is, but it’s an odd little bug in my programming that seems to have sorted itself out with this most recent round of challenges, and I really didn’t want to fall behind.  But now we’re nicely back on track! Onward ho.


10 thoughts on “Dot, Dot, Dot… (31DC2016)

    • Thanks very much! It’s actually been weirdly fun so far juggling two challenges at once, although I slipped behind a bit on yesterday’s apple post for the Fun Fall thing. There’s only so many hours in the day, man!

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