Fashionably Striped (31DC2016)


For last year’s theme of fashion in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge I did a manicure inspired by the gorgeous Naeem Khan gown actress Ellie Kemper wore to the 2015 Emmy’s. Studded with intricate beading, the solid stripes and chevrons of the super slinky, very retro gown glimmered with sequins in shades of dusky blue, plummy purple, shimmery nude, rusty orange and bubblegum pink.  The dress itself was gorgeous and Ellie, of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, looked like a stone cold fox (an adorable, super floofy fox, maybe; Ellie Kemper is like a human ray of sunshine and I have a hard time associating her with anything other than cute, cute, CUTE!)

But my favourite part of that particular outfit was, hands down, its terrifically unique colour combination. Really, stormy blue, dark purple, light pink, rusty orange and nude should not be colours that work beautifully in tandem, and yet here we are!  But I wasn’t hugely fond of the job I did on last year’s manicure – lining up all those chevrons, horizontals and verticals without the aid of striping tape was a pain, and the end result was kind of sloppy.

But with my free-handed striping game now so much better than it was this time last year, I thought I’d take another run at the Naeem Khan gown, this time in a series of bold vertical stripes for day 12’s theme of – yup, you guessed it – stripes.  Final verdict?  MUCH better – kind of like the striped pattern on an amazing pair of pjs from the 1970s – and still my vote for the coolest, most unique colour combination you’ll find in fashion or nail art!


3 thoughts on “Fashionably Striped (31DC2016)

  1. These are gorgeous!!! I love the colors you picked. Very chic yet boho. Do you do these with a thin brush or a special tool?I have done some tape manis but I have never used the dotting tools and such. I need to step up my nail creativity game. I certainly have the polish collection for it.

    • Thanks, Julie! For these guys, I did them free-handed with a striping brush (just a really long-bristled brush) over the nude holo, but I sometimes use tape. It’s SUCH a pain, though, and really only works when you’re painting one colour over another (and the tape.)

      And you totally need to bust out those polishes, put them to some nail art use. There’s so many simple designs, and tools like striping brushes and dotting tools make it pretty darn easy. 🙂

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