Fall Fun Series: Le Fou’s Brew


We’ll call this an apple-y addendum to yesterday’s post, which focused on my delicious – but really so very non-edible – scented wax offerings.  One of the Mini Melter blending recipes I featured was inspired by a frozen apple beverage served at Disney’s Magic Kingdom by the name of Le Fou’s Brew.  Served exclusively at Gaston’s Tavern in the somewhat recently revamped Fantasyland, Le Fou’s Brew is a frozen apple and mango slushie topped with toasted marshmallow cream.  Served in a giant (collectible, always collectible) plastic stein, the drink mimics a tall, sudsy flagon of ale (flanked by many antlers and pelts, because you-know-who likes to use antlers in all of his DE-CO-RATING!)


That blend smelled so delicious – always does; that’s how I melted through an entire bag of Mango Sorbet Mini Melters in about two months – I thought I’d try my hand at actually making my own Le Fou’s Brew, except I’m calling my DIY concoction Le Faux‘s Brew!

Which is just as well, because this drink is kind of terrible!  I mean, I absolutely could have gone online and taken a gander at any one of the 8,000 existing recipes for homemade Brews, but I thought it would be more fun to throw total caution to the wind and create my own.  Which was kind of a mistake!

Actually, I’m sort of under-selling this.  The problem with this beverage was not the juice component, which I created by blending one cup of apple juice with half a cup of mango nectar and a whole bunch of ice.  The juice blend was actually quite yummy, and not very sweet (although t’were there to be a next time, I’d toss some frozen mango chunks into the blender and forgo the nectar entirely, which had an odd floral note to it.)


The problem was the marshmallow “head” on the beer, which looked fantastic, but tasted – and behaved – like a wad of plastic marshmallow floating on a cold beverage (the topping on my husband’s sort of shot out on first sip and hit him in the face, and I laughed because I’m kind of a jerk like that!)

So not my finest culinary effort.  Also not my worst (oh, not by a long shot!)  I’d recommend the apple-mango part of the equation, but that’ll be a hard pass on the marshmallow fluff (although I’d welcome any suggestions as to how to make that part more palatable/manageable; what say you all?  How do we improve the Brew?)

13 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series: Le Fou’s Brew

  1. I. Am. Dying. Belle is my favorite and sadly I have not gone to the Magic Kingdom since Fantasyland was completed. But your Gaston lyrics made my night. Love that song. Love that movie. Your drink sounds great except for the flotilla of mallow mayhem. Can you whip fluff into heavy whipping cream and sugar?? Now I must try.

    • Flotilla! Now, THAT made my night (except every time I hear the word, I think of the drag queen Flotilla DeBarge, then I start snickering – it’s the greatest drag name ever.)

      I think maybe if you whipped the marshmallow fluff with a bit of, yes, cream or even just a touch of milk to thin it out a smidge, it might work, but honestly, the taste is also pretty terrible. There has to be a better way of creating a marshmallow cream, I just know it!

      Also, Beauty and the Beast is the best! Have you ever seen the musical?

      • No I have not but I would love to!! I have only seen one musical in real life and that was two Novembers ago on Broadway. My best friend drug me to Phantom of the Opera and I cannot thank her enough. What a spectacle!!! I am planning another NYC trip for next year and will be hitting up another musical but only if the tickets are half price. So spendy.

    • Yeah, looks! It really was the plastic marshmallow fluff that did it in – it’s SO phony tasting, it just kind of impacted the whole drink. The apple-mango slushie part was pretty great, though.

  2. Too bad your brew was a semi-fail, because it looks completely appetizing. The ingredients sounded good until the marshmallow fluff for me anyway. I love marshmallow scents but can’t stand eating marshmallow (especially melted) It was fun to read a drink inspired by a wax scent, or vice versa. Whichever inspired the other first.

    • Yup, it was the marshmallow fluff that did me in, too – it was just so, SO fake (and with a pretty nasty consistency, too.) And it was definitely a case of the drink inspiring the scent, but the scent smelled so much better than the drink tasted, hands down! Rosegirls’ Marshmallow Smoothie scent is pretty fantastic.

      • That’s an RG scent I will look for, I’m nervous about trying them bc I don’t want to get stuck w/a whole bakery bag of a scent I don’t like or that’s disappointing in throw. I appreciate recommendations for tried and true scents, thank you!

      • Oh no, I hear you on that, too. When I was first getting into wax, I had no idea what scents I liked, and I wound up with a few full bags of stuff I’m not super keen on. But I have a pretty good idea now of what I like from specific vendors and in general, so it happens a bit less frequently (although there’s two bags of Mini Melters in my cupboard I’ll NEVER melt, unfortunately.)

        Big recommendation on Rosegirls’ Marshmallow Smoothie scent, since you said you like marshmallow scents. It’s a great one – rich and creamy and sweet, not a bit plastickey. Any blend that that one shows up in is usually pretty great.

  3. Oh the potential in that brew! My mouth was watering, truly. We must join forces and find an alternative to the fluff. A topping that’s a bit sweet, creamy, thick …I’m gonna go ahead and stop now

    • I think that sentence wound up in a different place than it started! 😉 But I completely know what you mean. Like, marshmallow-infused whipped cream? Do you think that would work? Although that’s usually a topping for hot drinks as opposed to cold…I may be putting too much thought into this!

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