Cotton Pyjamas (31DC2016)


Because I can’t put tiny flowers in petite pastels over a soft pink base without thinking that I’ve just designed the most perfect pair of embroidered cotton pyjamas.  You know, the ones you find hanging on a padded hanger in a general store in a small, touristy town alongside other quilted, bejeweled and cinnamon-scented wax products crafted by local artisans.  And they’re always, like, $79 a pair, but you shell out anyway, because who doesn’t love crisp cotton pyjamas dotted with intricate embroidery?  Not this gal, which is why I’ve owned approximately a dozen pairs of such pyjamas over the course of my lifetime (nighties included.)  It’s also why I painted this manicure for day 15’s theme of a delicate print in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge.  Just getting two birds stoned at once here. 😉


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