Fall Fun Series: Kidnap the Sandy Claws


Owing to some technomalogical difficulties that kept me off the computer for the majority of the weekend, I’m now playing catch-up on two different challenge fronts. Today’s post in the Fall Fun Series was supposed to be about performing a random act of kindness, but I figure I’ve got that one sorted – not ripping the Wifi installer’s head clean off his shoulders with my searing hot rhetoric when we had entered day two of no service was absolutely an act of kindness on my part.

So as it pertains to the Fall Fun Series, I’m back on Friday’s prompt of my favourite Fall thing, which in my case is both a favoured seasonal item, and an all-the-time cherished possession, my Nightmare Before Christmas musical snow globe.

The globe, which depicts Santa being hauled off to Oogie Boogie by some of the residents of Halloween Town, was a wedding gift from dear friends, and as Julie Andrews herself might trill, it really is one of my very favourite things.  Despite weighing about 60 skull-crushing pounds (it’s a decorative murder weapon!) and being as delicate as the wings of a fruit fly (the first – and only – time we moved it, slim, spindly Jack broke clean in two right at his waist) the globe sits out all the time on the second shelf of the diningroom sideboard. Then, depending on whether my table has been overtaken by MY Halloween Town or not, I’ll move it over as a fabulous, dust-collecting musical centrepiece for the Fall (it plays a cute, jangly version of This is Halloween, and I wasn’t kidding about the dust either – it took me an hour yesterday with cotton swabs, glass cleaner, a soft toothbrush and two cans of compressed air to blow the dust out of Jack and Sally’s nooks and crannies – oh my!)


Okay, so the globe is a heavy, dusty, sneeze-on-it-and-you’ll-destroy-it possible murder weapon.  No matter, I love it.  Oh, how I love it!  And not just because it’s gorgeous and conjures up all sorts of warm and fuzzy memories about my Halloween wedding, but because it reminds me of the kindness of our friends, who cared enough about us to seek out such a unique and thoughtful gift.  It makes me happy every time I look at it (which is often, given its prime real estate in my apartment), and that’s the definition of a favourite thing, no matter the season. 🙂


19 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series: Kidnap the Sandy Claws

  1. I’m so jealous of your snow globe; did you see the The Nightmare Before Christmas cuckoo clock that was going around social media a few years back? I’d die! It had to be the WORST to not have internet access as a blogger- that installer doesn’t know how lucky he is;)

    • Ooh, a cuckoo clock! That would be so cool! I didn’t see that, but I wish I had – sounds like a very unique piece. Disney used to make gigantic snow globes like this one, but they don’t seem to any more, not sure why (cost, weight?) No matter, I love it!

      And really, maybe I was being a bit dramatic, but there’s nothing like zero connectivity – including to the phone, which is VOIP! – to make you realize how EVERYTHING you do is connected to the Internet now somehow. It’s actually sort of frightening! It’s Skynet! 😉

  2. Hands down, the coolest snowglobe ever formed. I love that you took the time to polish ‘er up with Q-tips. That does prove its value. I hardly ever dust but it is only the things that I like that get the once a decade treatment. I love that it plays music too. A wonderful wedding gift! Now I want to watch Nightmare Before Christmas. Maybe the girls will be up for it tonight.

    • Ha, thank you – I think it’s kind of one of the coolest things ever. I wish Disney still made these giant globes; they’re real works of art. I bought a Winnie the Pooh one once for a friend’s new baby. I hope they still have it, because it was gorgeous.

      Watch it, watch it! Kidnap the Sandy Claws! I think I’ve already watched it twice this season. We had Jack and Sally toppers on our wedding cake, too. We got issues, yes, we do. 🙂

  3. So.. This is the first time I have seen this globe.. and I already need it in my life! How amazing are the details on this thing. I kinda have a thing for snow globes.. where I want to just hoard them all!

    “Kidnap the Sandy Claws, Lock him up real tight, Throw away the key and then, Turn off all the lights!” Did anyone else have to sing it?

    • I love snow globes, too (as does my mother – must be genetic.) 😉 I actually don’t think this guy has ever been turned upside down to “activate” the snow – too unwieldy and heavy!

      I was saying to somebody else that Disney used to make these giant snow globes back in the ’90s and early 2000s, but in recent years they only seem to be making the little or medium-sized ones.

      And I love that song! It’s SO delightfully messed up. Korn – yes, that Korn – does a really cool version of it; their style suits the subject matter very well!

      • One reason most makers rarely make the oversized globes is that it was so easy to drop and break them. Many people just can’t handle something that weighs that much AND is supposed to be turned upside down and shaken. (Snow globe artist here: we know from experience.)

      • Snow globe artist? That’s super cool! I suppose I never thought about the people who put these things together, I’m sorry!

        But yes, holy heavy, and I’m also now thinking maybe one of the reasons the Disney Store stopped selling them in their stores. I saw a little kid grabbing at them one day as he was trying to stand on a lower shelf – I guess they were kind of a liability.

  4. That is an amazing globe! I love this movie so much. When I’m making something in the kitchen, DH occasionally changes the Sandy Claws song lyrics to make it about putting me in a pot…

    • Ha, that’s awesome! My husband and I make up new lyrics to actual songs all the time about our cat or what we’re doing or, also, what we’re cooking. Some of them get pretty weird sometimes!

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