Fall Fun Series: Bakery Bliss


Ah, now here’s a series prompt I can get behind – Fall bakery wax blends.  And that’s because bakery-type scented wax (that would be any sort of wax that smells like cake or cookies or some other delicious, baked sweet) makes up about 98 percent of my wax collection.  I like (the smell of) cookies, yes, I do!  I like (the smell of) cookies, and so should you!  Or at least you probably will after I show you some of the delectable – but always non-edible; not sure why I always feel the need to add that caution – treats I’ve been scenting my home with these past couple of weeks.

Harvest Bake Sale Noel, Rosegirls.  Well, this was an unexpected surprise!  What I initially thought was going to be a pretty straightforward craft-store-in-the-Fall kind of scent morphed into a really love figgy pudding-type fragrance once warmed.  Raisins!  That’s what I smelled – raisins.  Warm cake studded with tart raisins and dripping with buttery, vanilla bean-laced caramel.  Actually, Harvest Bake Sale Noel really reminded me of a delicious raisin scone scent Pier 1 used to sell.  A really nice, authentic Fall fragrance.


Macintosh Madness, Bear Claws and Marshmallow Smoothie, Rosegirls.  Ever so slightly less authentic, but you have to know that when mac apple, glazed bear claws and marshmallow are your scent notes.  Hoo doggy, this one was SWEET!  Maybe a touch too sweet for my scent palette – like my cakes, onions and ogres, I like my fragrances to have layers.  Actually, do you know what would be fabulous in this blend?  Remove the mac apple and replace it with coffee – NOW we’re talking!


Creamy Cranberry Jam Bread, K’s Kreations.  A delicious, spicy-sweet cranberry blended with creamy zucchini bread.  I loved this one so much, I purchased an entire bag of K’s rainbow brittle in this scent alone. Scent preference being the personal thing that it is, I won’t tell any of you zucchini bread-phobes that it absolutely does not smell like corn chips (a somewhat common complaint about quick bread blends) – if you want to smell corn chips, that’s what you’ll smell.  But it absolutely does not smell like corn chips.  It smells like a muffin studded with sweet-tart cranberries.  A favourite.


Pumpkin Blueberry Cobbler, Rosegirls.  Another favourite, although the cobbler part seems to be ever so missing from the equation – I mainly get sweet blueberries blended with creamy, slightly spicy pumpkin pie filling.  Despite its scent profile (squash/fruit/bakery) this is a “clean” scent, with each of the scent notes (save that missing cobbler) blending nicely, while remaining separately identifiable.

Also, now that I’ve stopped and thought about what exactly would constitute a pumpkin blueberry cobbler and how it would taste, I’m pretty grossed out!  Thank goodness the wax version smells so delicious.


Apple Puff Pumpkin Pie, Rosegirls.  Now, here’s one I WOULD eat!  The description of this scent invokes memories of this dessert I used to love from a restaurant called The Brigadoon in Oxford Mills, Ontario.  The perfect Fall creation, it featured layers of buttery crisp puff pastry stacked between heaps of creme brulee filling, candied pecans, cinnamon-spiced apples and whipped cream.  Holy lord, it was fabulous!  I see they have something similar on their menu (now involving flambeed bananas) although the apple version seems to be no more.  Shame; I suppose it was simply too delicious to live.

But back to the wax!  Apple Puff Pumpkin Pie is one that has grown on me considerably in the last little while. At first I was simply overwhelmed by the scent of Apple Jack and Peel (a SUPER potent spiced apple and citrus fragrance), but once warmed, that gave way to a yummy, almost crunchy sort of vanilla note that reminded me so much of The Brigadoon’s delicious dessert.


And so there we have it, a few selections from the mostly Rosegirls Bakery, with a special appearance by K’s Kreations.  If you’re interested in checking out either vendor, be sure to join Rosegirls’ Facebook group for information on the most recent pre-orders and openings. And you can purchase K’s creations through their open-nearly-all-the-time website here.


2 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series: Bakery Bliss

    • And I actually had virtually none until the start of the Fall Fun Series. Now my wax cup runneth over (which would be terrible; I’ve yet to experience actual overflow, but yikes, what a mess.) 😉

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