Party Bunting (31DC2016)


Every year ’round about day 28 of the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge, my motivation seriously begins to wane.  You know how it goes – the finish line is right there, directly in your sights, but you can’t be arsed to finish because day 28’s theme is always flags, and flags make for the most uninspired prompt ever, and you can’t think of three years’ worth of cool flag manicures, and who comes up with these things anyways?!  Or something like that (and just in case you’re curious, no one really knows the origin story of the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge; it doesn’t seem to have one single creator anyone can point to.)

Anyhow, it seems this is a pattern with me – shame, could have used it for my pattern nails yesterday – because last year I also whiffed day 28’s theme and painted my nails with bunting, which I suppose IS a type of flag.  A party flag, run up the flagpole when the end-of-day disco work whistle sounds. 😉

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