Fall Fun Series: Please Be-leaf Me


…when I say I intended to post this on Monday when it was originally scheduled, but life got in the way.  Or, more accurately, I was really bagged out from the last month’s challenge activities, and there was no more gas left in the blogging tank.

But time continues its relentless march, and I’ve got a post about leaves to get up.  Or how about just one leaf, like this Autumn Leaf bath bomb from Lush?  It’s quite cute, even if I’m not entirely sold on the rainbow sherbet-like colours for a Fall item.


Scented with citrus and sandalwood, the Autumn Leaf bath bomb smells…like a Lush store.  It is that all-encompassing, all-in Lush scent that I’m really not too sweet on.  My bath bomb was also super, SUPER soft, and the top point of the leaf crumbled to dust the second I picked it up.  Actually, you can see where dusty bits were falling into my palm as I simply stood there taking a photo.

But what of the effect, the whiz-bang, the big show?  Hmm, more like a no-show.  Or a mid-show – this bath bomb just did not have much life in it, letting off a little cluster of creamy, sherbet-hued bubbles before fizzing out in a little under 45 seconds.  It was pretty underwhelming, regrettably.  It also turned my bath the colour of pumpkin bong water, and the moisturizing effect was practically nil.


Ahh, but squishing the almost-used-up bits of bomb between my palms is still one of life’s more satisfying (and weirdly illicit-feeling) sensations, so I smushed ‘er up good. My favourite part is when the bomb continues dissolving in your hands, letting off little bursts of bubbles.


The Autumn Leaf bath bomb is available at Lush stores and online right now as part of their Halloween collection, along with a number of other cute seasonal items.  And while this guy may have been a bit of a dud, I’m excited to try some of their other Fall offerings, because even when they kind of suck, bath bombs are still pretty fun. 🙂

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