31DC2016 Favourites


The 31 Day Nail Art Challenge wrapped up early last week, and while I remained stubbornly off the pace by a day or two right through to the very end, that lag time never stretched – as it has in years past – beyond that, a fact I’m more proud of than 31 straight days of nail art (which is actually sort of business as usual around these parts.)  Writing out the prompts in my journal certainly helped; accountability and all that, even if the person I’m making that accounting to is “just” myself.  And then just a whole lot of kicking myself in the arse to get the old girl up and running on a consistent basis.  Wait, am I talking about myself or some dirty old Chev up on blocks in a field?

No mind!  Because no matter where I finished along the challenge timeline, as always, there are a handful of manicures I’m really quite proud of, and I probably would not have gotten around to them had it not been for the 31 Day Challenge.  And so here are my favourites (in no particular order, although I think you can all guess which one is my actual number one!)  I hope you like them, too. 🙂

The Impression That I Get (Theme: Artwork)


Beetlejuice! (Theme: A movie)


Exit Music (for a Horror Film) (Theme: Gradient)


Stranger Barb (Theme: A colour)


Madame Leota (Theme: The supernatural)


Moons Over Tatooine (Theme: Half moons)


Dressed Up, Ready to Roll (Theme: Geometrics)


Fashionably Striped (Theme: Stripes)


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