Snail Nails


Come join me, friends, as I tell a snail of a tale about my favourite, super lame joke. You’ve most likely heard it before – it’s a total groaner. 🙂

A man is sitting in his livingroom watching the game on TV when his doorbell begins insistently ringing. Jumping up in the middle of a major play, he throws open his front door and finds…no one.  But when he looks down, he sees a snail sitting on the doormat, and in anger at having been interrupted for absolutely no good reason, he hoofs the snail off the doorstep and straight into the street.

Four years later the same man is once again sitting in his livingroom, this time watching some other game, when the doorbell rings.  He gets up and answers, and there on his doorstep is the snail, and it seems to be beckoning him closer!  And so the man lowers his head to ground level, at which point the snail inches forward and yells, “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR, ASSHOLE?”  So terrible; I love it.


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