Fall Fun Series: The Blair Witch Project


Today’s prompt in the Fall Fun Series called for a Halloween movie review, but do you suppose it’d be okay to submit these Blair Witch nails instead?  Because my favourite Halloweentime movie is actually Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows (“WHHHHHHhhhhhhyyyyy?!? said everyone ever) and nobody needs a review of that (another bunch of young people head out to the Burkittsville Woods to investigate the legend of the Blair Witch, with fairly predictable results, if by predictable you mean completely incomprehensible, totally devoid of story and only watchable because Jeffrey Donovan (Michael Westen of Burn Notice!) is the hotness in thermal underwear.)

But the little wicker people the Witch widgets together out of twigs and other bits of trees appear in both movies (and I’m guessing also the upcoming sequel (?) Blair Witch.)  So even though this is technically a Book of Shadows manicure, I thought I’d stick with the traditional Blair Witch symbol.  And trees – always gotta have LOTS of bare-limbed trees in your lost-in-the-woods movie.  And Jeffrey Donovan looking like a drunken, dirty farm rat.  Yup, more of that, please. 😉

8 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series: The Blair Witch Project

  1. I actually didn’t KNOW they had a new movie out until I was looking at movie listings. I thought they were rerunning the original for Halloween. That movie made me so nauseous in the theatre – I had to close my eyes and put my head between my knees. 😛

    • I didn’t have a huge problem with nausea, but my stomach ain’t as leaden as she used to be – I think I’d have problems if I watched it in a theatre now.

      It’s kind of funny, but last year my friend was telling me about this teaser trailer she saw for a movie called The Woods that was to come out this year. And she was completely puzzled, because she said it looked SO much like the Blair Witch, and who needed another one of those? Turns out The Woods is just the secret name they gave the movie before the producers told everyone at one of the conventions or whatever that it actually WAS a secret Blair Witch movie. Okay, sure – not sure why we needed the secrecy, but whatever.

  2. I have only watched the first movie, what feels like a trillion years ago, and it was pretty scary to me. I think it is the sole reason my husband refuses to tent camp. He’s afraid of little creepy kids banging on his tent. Your nails look incredible. I love the spooky woods and tree silhouettes. And yes. This totally counts.

    • Your husband is clearly a wise man – I likewise refuse to tent camp (or camp, period) because I dislike sleeping with rocks up my butt AND the creepy kids banging on the tent! I also kind of hate nature. Pretty to look at, but I’m so an indoor kitty!

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