Halloween Polish Picks

Halloween is the time of year when even the makeup-phobic (or simply makeup-hesitant) start rifling through their stashes looking for that ancient black lipstick or that perfect glow-in-the-dark nail polish to put the final finishing touch on their costume (although last time I did that, I discovered that somehow, my rarely-used glow-in-the-dark polish had completely dried up.) Those are the all-in kind of looks (you’ll figure that out the first time you wear black lipstick) but Halloween is also a fantastic opportunity to try out some mild-wild looks that you might otherwise pass up the other 364 days of the year, because who wants to wear zombie green nail polish to the office (lots of people, actually; it’s more that the offices don’t want THEM to wear zombie green nail polish.)

And so here are some fun polish picks for the Halloween season for those people who either can’t or don’t wish to go The Full Costume. Β Sure, it’s no Sexy Freddy Krueger (hands down my favourite “sexy” costume of all time, it’s so inappropriate) but sometimes just a little flash and sparkle – and some very odd colour combinations – are all you need.

Look at the Flowers, Lizzie – Dollish Polish

Lizzie Fingers 2

Blood Hound – Cupcake Polish

Blood Hound Fingers 1

Fantasia – Whimsical Ideas by Pam

Jagged Fingers

Entwined – Enchanted Polish


Rust No One – KB Shimmer

Rust No One - KB Shimmer

Dead Man’s Toe – Girly Bits Cosmetics

Dead Man Fingers front

Not Your Mama’s Easter Grass – Smitten Polish

Easter Grass Fingers Shade

Ghostess With the Mostess – China Glaze


Such a Vlad-Ass – KB Shimmer

Vlad Fingers Sun

12 thoughts on “Halloween Polish Picks

    • It’s really beautiful. It looked a little different on the website than it does in real life (a little bluer) but it has this cool hidden purple-blue shimmer that’s pretty dope. I hope you love yours!

  1. That greenish, mushroomy taupe from Girly Bits is a color I gravitate towards big time. Love it! And the slight shimmer in it is nice too. Mmmmm Dead Man’s Toe. Nice collection of colors!!

    • That polish is one of my favourites – it has this bruise-coloured, almost oily-looking shimmer to it that is so cool. And I know that none of that actually sounds very cool (and I know a couple of people that seriously object to the name) but it’s beautiful and so unique. Love it. Glad you do, too (I got mine through Harlow & Co., in case you were curious, and it may still be in stock.)

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