Ha!  Okay, so this Stranger Things Eleven manicure, my predictive pick for Halloween 2016’s second most popular costume (I’ll post some nails inspired by what I think is going to be the most popular a little later on today) is proof positive that one should not mix middle-of-the-night insomnia and nail art.  Because poor Eleven looks goddamn terrifying here!  To say nothing of the odd lumps and bumps that didn’t look quite so lumpy or bumpy in the dim light of 2:30 a.m.  But mostly Eleven, who, in the worst crossover idea ever, kind of looks like Glenn on last week’s episode of The Walking Dead (speaking of, I’m calling it now – The Walking Dead gets cancelled in the midst of its (already-greenlit) eighth season.  Last week’s little stunt brought in tens of millions of viewers, but they won’t stay.  There’s only so much gratuitous torture porn people can handle on top of TWD’s unrelenting misery porn.  And the fact that it’s basically an unfunny Seinfeld. With zombies. Sorry, sorry, walkers!) Anyhow, my apologies for the accidental creeps on this one.  Maybe next time I save my detail work for the daylight hours?

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