Fall Fun Series: Halloween ’16


Coming at you dark and early this Halloween morn, friends, with best wishes for a spooktacular ‘Ween ’16.  As for me, I’ll be spending the day with Mr. Finger Candy as we celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary!  Here’s a throwback to the big day.  I think we clean up pretty well. 🙂


And while we do have some plans, we’re both big time homebodies, and neither one of us is much for the grand anniversary show (if you don’t get married so you can spend your time binge-watching TV on the couch in your jammies together, you’re doing it wrong!) We’ll probably spend the day sticking close to home, where we’ll be surrounded by the creepy-cozy Halloween decorations I finally put up this past weekend.  Better late than never!

You’ve already met my Halloween town, a rundown, way-off-the-highway amusement park mostly populated by bats and skeletons.  It takes up the entire surface of my diningroom table, and compromises the bulk of my seasonal decorating.


Out in the kitchen we have two ceramic Jack-o-Lantern tealight “bags” that I’ve somehow managed not to destroy over 15-plus years of use, as well as a couple of lovely and thoughtful cards from sweet blogger friends.


Down in the bathroom we have a cool wire tealight candelabra I purchased from Michael’s I-have-no-idea how long ago (if I don’t destroy them, I tend to hold on to my favourite possessions forever) and my Trick (and) Treat towels, which are actually tea towels and not hand towels – tell no one. 😉



In the second bedroom we have my Book of Spells, a large decorative tome (from Hallmark, I think) meant for holding Halloween sweets, although given the shelf life of Halloween treats around my house (non-existent), it’s doing far greater work safely holding the broken off bits and bobs of my Halloween town.


Out in the diningroom we have a tombstone fit for a Terminator.  I just think it’s funny. The petrified catnip mice may disagree.


And finally, out in the diningroom (but in this picture it’s in the kitchen) we have the newest addition to my Halloween haul, a devil kitty wax warmer from Yankee Candle that my husband bought for me a couple of months ago.  Sophia is her name, and in addition to her cute little devil tail and ears, she has a row of adorable little bat markings that run down her back.  Here Sophia is diligently melting my last chunk of Rosegirls’ Boo’s Spooky Castle, a blend of Boo Berry, Vanilla Crunch Donuts and Monster Cookie, and one of only two even remotely Halloween themed waxes in my collection (the other being another cereal blend, Strawberry Frankenberry.)

Yankee Halloween Kitty.png

And so there we have it, the Halloween decor here at Casa Finger Candy.  And now I’m off to enjoy my anniversary!  I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween, friends – may your candy hauls be back-achingly grand!

12 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series: Halloween ’16

    • Thanks so much, we did have a very nice anniversary! And then we got sick right afterwards! Ah, romance.

      And also thank you for the compliment on the decor, but I don’t actually have that much – I guess you don’t need much else when you’ve got a diningroom table stuffed with decorative buildings? 🙂

      • I DO have a Christmas town, but it’s nothing like my Halloween one – I didn’t put quite so much money into it, and I haven’t added to it in…oh gosh, actually ever. But it makes me laugh, because the lights are rainbow fiber optics – it’s super flashy, so I call it Electric Gay Disco Christmas Town (also because the only female figurine in town, of a woman standing on a ladder putting ornaments on a tree, mysteriously lost its head. It’s seriously a town of dudes and one headless woman decorating a tree. It’s kind of messed up!)

    • Thank you, we had a nice day! That candelabra was a weird, at-the-cash purchase that I just grabbed off a table, and of course it’s the one that everybody loves! It throws some pretty cool light, actually.

  1. Happy bleated anniversary! We both got married in the same year. Adam and I celebrated our 12th anniversary this summer. Like you guys, we didn’t do much. Just hung out. I love your wedding photo. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding with a beautiful bride. I love the mini pumpkins around your kitty warmer. Very cute. I rummaged around Target’s Halloween clearance and found a few treasures that I am looking forward to putting out next year.

    • Thanks very much, we had a very nice anniversary indeed. Got sick right afterwards, but that’s cleared up by now, thankfully. 🙂

      12 years is a super long time, right? And also kind of not? Although I think time takes on a different kind of meaning when you don’t have kids – we don’t, and we don’t have that very clear differentiation between us then and us now that our friends with kids do. It all seems like one big blur. Am I overthinking this? 🙂

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