Bomb of Misrule: A Mini Lush Review


With a matching manicure, of course, because that’s just what we do around here. 🙂

Today we have another Lush product to take a wee peek at, this time a Lord of Misrule bath bomb.  I’ve no idea what the inspiration is behind this bath bomb, although with its colour palette, little molded crown and name, I’d say Mardi Gras.  That doesn’t explain why it’s part of Lush’s recently-released winter holiday collection, though, unless Lush is just waaaayyy ahead of their springtime game (ETA: WAY ahead of their springtime game; a glance at the website tells me that this bath bomb is inspired by the pagan Feast of Fools!)

The scent of this bath bomb is quintessential Lush – its patchouli, vanilla and black pepper fragrance is the one I most closely associate with the purveyors of fresh rainbow bath stuffs.  For what it’s worth (what with scent preference being such a personal AND chemical thing) I smell none of those things, simply a zippy kind of herbal scent that I really feel neither here nor there about.  My husband said it was tolerable – that’s high praise for a Lush product!

But as with all Lush bath bombs, I’m here more for the big bath show than the scent (thank goodness; I have an appallingly poor track record finding Lush fragrances I like) and the Lord of Misrule bath bomb does not disappoint – it was so cool!  And it really did put on a big, impressive show, dissolving down into a gorgeous mess of hot pink and grass green bubbles that reminded me of Christmas ribbon candy.


So pretty!  It was kind of a shame to stick my bod in it.


But stick my bod in it I did, and it made for a lovely bath time treat – softly scented skin, tons of moisturization (I know this, because there’s not a bath I take with a bath bomb that doesn’t end with me crawling out of the super slick tub on my hands and knees) and sparkly, wine-hued water.  The limited edition Lord of Misrule bath bomb (and its accompanying shower cream) are available online right now as part of Lush’s Christmas collection.  It retails for $7.45 Canadian a piece.

And finally, we have my nails!  Keen readers will note that this is a water marble manicure, a technique I begrudgingly attempt but once a year during the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge. That’s because it’s a messy pain in the arse that works maybe a quarter of the time.  So why the heck did I choose to do one here for my two middle nails?  Because the ribbon candy-like effect of the bubbles seemed to lend itself really well to the technique, and I thought I could use the practice (ALWAYS.)  Amazingly enough, they turned out so well, thanks in large part to the two holographic polishes I used here, Enchanted Polish’s hot orchid pink, Dope Jam, and goldy-green Lost Boy – great colours, and they water marbled super well.



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