Fall Fun Series: Colours of Fall


Those colours coming from Fall leaves, of course, which – wonder of natural wonders that I’d probably have to be a scientist to understand – are still clinging to the trees in my part of the global woods, weeks (and one nasty little snowstorm) beyond when they should have long skipped town. This is probably some evil portend of impending environmental doom, but I’ll take it when the view, both on my nails and off the balcony, is this spectacular.

Still, it’s hard to deny that winter is indeed on its way, especially when you compare today’s view across the Ottawa River with one from two weeks ago (cue The Byrd’s Turn! Turn! Turn!)



8 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series: Colours of Fall

  1. Wow, that’s pretty dramatic change for 2 weeks’ time! We’ve been having really sunny weather – it’s been perfect Fall days for walking around. 🙂 Nice mani to reflect the season!

    • It is a pretty big change – it takes no time at all. But hey, at least this year the weather was agreeable enough that we could get out for nice walks, right? In past years the leaves are already down and it’s beyond freezing!

    • Thank you, I really like these kind of artsy nails – it lends itself well to leafy landscapes.

      And no, those are just regular old storm clouds, although ones carrying the great threat of snow. Snow clouds – and oh, I’ll have photos of those to show you soon enough! – are like a thick, smothering blanket. It’s less cloud and more endless puff.

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