Lost Boy


Praise the nail gods, it has been FOUND – a gold-tinged green holo that won’t dye your nails an indelible pea green for the next three to four months!  May the bells ring out across the land, the LOST BOY HAS BEEN FOUND!

Not to go all dramatic on you or anything, but this is sort of a big deal.  Green polishes – particularly those of the holographic variety – stain like an absolute beast, with golden greens, like this one, Enchanted Polish’s Lost Boy, faring the worst.  Last year I ran afoul of a gorgeous emerald green holo that stained my nails pea (or pee) green for the next four months.  It pained me to bin such a beautiful polish, but it was unwearable, even with two layers of base coat.

Lost Boy makes a more than acceptable substitute for that rich, vibrant polish – all the colour, none of the staining.  Still, I wouldn’t wear this without base coat (and indeed, I’m not – two coats here.)  But I learned my lesson on that one the hard way, and if you’re willing to throw caution to the wind, who am I to judge?  All the same, I’d base coat.  It is MOST unpleasant to run around with wee-hued nails for a quarter of the year, you know?

Formula-wise, Lost Boy is like all Enchanted Polishes – not too thin, not too thick, and a total one-coater if you polish carefully.  And the colour is just stupendous, a gold-dusted grass green holo that flashes an intense turquoise blue in the sun.


Although hiding in these particular photos, Lost Boy also maintains its bonkers holo effect in the shade, where the fine gold glitter is drawn out, giving an almost fuzzy sort of look to this super cool polish.


Enchanted used to be one of the more difficult brands to get your polished paws on, but in recent months the total insanity of unannounced flash sales and whatnot has died off, and now you can find a nice assortment of polishes in stock pretty well all the time.  I like the change very much.

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