November Rain


Oh my gosh, best music video EV-AH!  It’s so ridiculously excessive (though still not as overblown as Estranged, another Guns N’ Roses video, that one nearly exclusively featuring shots of Axl Rose to the rest of the band at about a 20:1 ratio.  He also jumps off an aircraft carrier and swims with dolphins, and the entire thing ends with him smiling smugly and palling around with an animatronic dolphin backstage, wut-wut! The rest of the band is occasionally there.  Shame, Slash’s leather pant game was/is tight, in oh so many ways.)

Also, this is some quality nail art punnage right here.  Come on, it made you smile, you can admit it. Sometimes lame is (very) funny. 😉

3 thoughts on “November Rain

    • Thanks so much! And no, not tricky. I painted my nails a simple dark grey, and then did the slashes/raindrops in a dark, shimmery grey, a light grey and silver. So after your nails are dry, take a small detail brush and dip it in the darkest polish first. Then just swipe it diagonally across your nails in a short little burst to make the “rain.” Repeat on each one of your nails, and then when that’s dry, do it all over again with the light grey and the silver polishes as well to add a bit of highlighting. And if things don’t look even and your brushstrokes are kind of half-assed like some of mine are, that’s cool – it’s rain! It’s supposed to look kind of messy and undone! Good luck. 🙂

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