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Sod that old Jo-Ann; if a fabric like this one actually exists – it does, and it will set you back approximately $80 a yard, and you will have to treat it with the reverence and maintenance schedule of, say, baby blonde highlights on a brunette – I’m taking all the credit for it.

Want to hear something kind of funny?  I love perusing fabric sample books.  Have since I was a kid and my mom used to take me downtown to the Laura Ashley boutique for the every-two-years Redecorating of the Room (holla, pink cabbage roses!)  When I was 11 we also ventured into some of the sketchier areas of 1988 New York City to hit up the Fabric District, where you can purchase more luxury bedspreads and linens than your arms can comfortably carry (it was a heck of a subway ride back to the hotel.)  Then a few years ago my mom and I spent five hours (that’s not an exaggeration; we were there for five hours) in a gigantic fabric store in downtown Toronto, pulling swatches, co-ordinating prints, fingering the rows of ribbon.  I mean, it IS rather porny sounding, when you really get down to it!

And for years now I’ve had my eye on this gorgeous Robert Allen dragonfly print in a sumptuous raspberry red silk that I will never own because I have a cat that I love more than anything, even more than designer fabrics, and what SHE loves more than anything is getting sick on designer fabrics.  So best to keep beautiful temptation out of harm’s way, and confine those sorts of little luxuries to my nails, hmm?


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