Groovy, Baby!


I think Austin Powers would approve of this very psychedelic-looking water marble manicure.  He’d at least appreciate the not-inconsiderable effort that went into it – water marbles are a test of a nail artist’s mental and physical fortitude, and I’m definitely now spent.

And I truly don’t know why they need to be so difficult.  Or random.  Like, you’d never know that each one of these nails started off in the exact same place, with the exact same order of polishes going into the water marble.  And yet.  Story of the water marble – and yet.


11 thoughts on “Groovy, Baby!

  1. Stunning!!! Just the mere idea of attempting a water marble terrifies me. My only saving grace is that my nails are usually way to short to even try. I torn them all off last night while I was enmeshed in Fantastic Beasts.

    This manicure is gorgeous. I love how bright the shimmering shades are with that little bit of grey mixed in. And now I want to watch Austin Powers. Ah the 90’s.

    • Thanks! I love water marbles now that I’ve got the technique down – no more weird lumps and bumps. But I just cannot get two nails to look alike either in design or colour. It, like, NEVER happens! I usually just end up doing everything in watery turquoises so it actually looks like bendy, wavy water – that way any boo-boos look like I did them on purpose!

      I’m sorry to hear that Fantastic Beasts destroyed your nails, but I’m glad you enjoyed it. Haven’t seen it yet, but I’m looking forward to jumping back into the Potterverse.

    • Thanks very much! And that’s totally the right word – whimsical. I like when they’re a bit all over the place, too (although it would be awesome if just once I could get any two nails to even remotely look the same!)

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