Christmas Trees: A Tutorial

Tree Tutorial Collage.jpg

Easy, glittery trees, the Finger Candy way!

Step 1: (We can have lots of fun!)  Paint your nails to opacity with two polishes, a simple dark creme on your middle two fingers (this can be any shade you’d like, although I like the tree detailing as against this basic black) and a festive glitter bomb on your index and pinkie fingers, here KB Shimmer’s sELFie.  Once dry, top with a layer of quick dry topcoat.

Step 2: (There’s so much we can do!  Okay, I’ll stop with the NKOTB jokes now.)  Apply striping tape to your two middle fingers in the shape of a wide chevron from the centre of your cuticles down to the edges of your nails. Don’t worry if the small point up at your cuticles doesn’t come together perfectly – you’ll be adding a tiny little star charm at the end that will cover up any boo-boos.

Step 3: Fill in the taped-off space on your two middle fingers with a Christmas tree green polish, here Enchanted Polish’s Lost Boy.  Depending on the polish you choose for your index and pinkie fingers, you may be able to use it (skipping over step 3 entirely.)  But super thick glitter bombs like sELFie can be difficult to wrangle in nail art, and are best used as megawatt accent polishes over a complimentary-hued base.

Step 4: Top the now-green trees with two light coats of the glitter polish.  Or omit this step altogether because the polish you chose for the trees covered it up just well enough in the first place, thankyouverymuch.

Step 5: Once dry, carefully remove the striping tape, pat down any errant bits of glitter with the point of a toothpick and top with another layer of quick dry top coat.

Step 6: With the topcoat still tacky, place a star upon the highest bough of each of your trees, here a couple of little golden charms I purchased from Daily Charme.  You could also paint on your stars using yellow polish and a small detail brush, or do what I did last year and fish all the golden stars out of another bottle of polish and top your tree designs with those!

Et voila, glittery Christmas trees, if you please.  I hope you find this tutorial helpful. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Christmas Trees: A Tutorial

  1. Oh wow, this is so cute. I will definitely try it out in my own, easier way haha. I’m super bad with polishing my nails :’)

    • Oh lordy, I was THE WORST at polishing my nails before I began all this nail art stuff three years ago. Like, nail polish up to my knuckles kind of bad! Developing a steady hand just takes a bit of practice. Good luck with your version, I hope they look great! 🙂

      • Thank you, I will try to polish my nails more. I love polished nails when it went great but I just hate doing it.

  2. I just wanted to tell you you have the greatest blog ever please never stop people can always tell you bad things I want to make sure you know how great you are and what this blog means to us it’s like waiting on a present to come between blog times you are awesome I just wanted to say that Merry Christmas!!!

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    • Well, thank you very much, Dawn – that’s so super sweet of you to say! Really, this is the loveliest comment I’ve ever received – you’ve totally made my day! I’m glad you like coming by, and I love having you visit. 🙂 No plans to go anywhere, so stop on by whenever – I’ll be here doing my nail art, and probably trying to find new and inventive ways to work my cat and/or Stranger Things into the conversation. Merriest of Christmases and happy holidays to you, too!

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