In Winter It’s a Marshmallow World


Oh my gosh, so much snow yesterday. And perfect snow, too – downy, fluffy, sparkly bits of icy lace falling straight from the heavens. Beautiful and festive, yes, but also a royal pain in the arse to navigate – on snow days, if you don’t need to be out on the roads, you really shouldn’t be. Best to leave the marshmallow world to the snowmen, like these cute little charms my husband recently gifted me from Daily Charme, here atop KB Shimmer’s snowstorm-in-a-bottle, Snow Way. At least with their cute little scarves and jaunty hats, they’re warmly attired!


10 thoughts on “In Winter It’s a Marshmallow World

  1. A true winter wonderland on your nails. If I had that mani I would stare longingly at it all day and not get a darn tootin’ thing done. That polish really does look like a snow day. Well. At least to me. Not that I have any experience with all that. Super cute. Hubby did good on the snowmen.

    • Ha, no, I’m guessing you haven’t seen that many snow days! Hmm, to put it in Floridian terms – like a hurricane, but frozen. Disney makes it all look so charming, but they are WRONG!

      And he did VERY well – gave me some charms he bought me for Christmas a couple of weeks in advance so I could actually use them THIS Christmas. That’s usin’ the old noggin’!

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